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  1. donnod

    Star tortoise

    Iooking for star tort.currently living in asia,below johor. Anyone selling,pls pm me asap...... Thanx
  2. donnod

    star tortoise

    hi looking for star tortoise.. i live in singapore...plz pm me if youre selling... thanks.
  3. donnod

    Indian Star Tortoise for sale?

    hi, i'm new here..i'm staying in singapore and am looking for star tortoise...anyone who is willing to sell or anyone knows whos selling please pm me asap... thnks..
  4. donnod


    Haloo, kind of new in this forum.currently staying in singapore. and to keep reptiles in singapore are illegal...except for red ear slider..boring right.... Used to own red ear slider but not i'm working,no one is gonna look after my decided to give away migi and...