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  1. Spn785

    CL ad for a Russian

    Hi! I was wondering if this tortoise looks a little off. I know their care isn't great, but I don't think it was too bad considering it came from PetCo. Here is the ad with a picture. I have emailed about it and will attach the email...
  2. Spn785

    Russian on its back

    Hi! I have a question about an issue I've never faced before. I'm not sure how, but my little one was on her back when I got home from work yesterday. I flipped her back over and she immediately went into her hide and slept. I'm not sure if there is anything wrong, are there any subtle signs...
  3. Spn785

    Sulcata tortoise

    Here is a sulcata tortoise in Jefferson City, and they are asking WAY too much for it, but something looks wrong with it and it isn't just the pyramiding. [hr] Here is a picture. Sent from my T-Mobile myTouch using TortForum mobile app...
  4. Spn785

    More weed IDs please

    Well, I decided to stop mowing my lawn to see what all grows, and these popped up. Lol. Sent from my T-Mobile myTouch using TortForum mobile app
  5. Spn785

    What weed is this?

    Is this plantain? If not what is it and can my Russian eat it? Sent from my T-Mobile myTouch using TortForum mobile app
  6. Spn785

    My new Tortoise

    Hi all! After months of taking care of other people's tortoises, I finally have my own! Here are some pictures!
  7. Spn785

    Weed in my yard

    Okay, so I am horrible with plant identification, so I am wondering if someone can tell me what this is and if it is okay to feed to a tortoise. My back yard is absolutely COVERED with it.
  8. Spn785


    Hi all! I ordered succulent plants from LLLReptile, they arrived in great condition by the way, but they weren't labeled. They are sold as "Assorted Live Succulents". I thought it would be nice to get them and put them in my tortoise's enclosure so he/she could munch on them if they wanted...
  9. Spn785

    Russian tortoise

    Hi! I'm in Mid Missouri and I'm looking to get a Russian tortoise hatchling. Please pm or email me if you have or will have hatchlings soon. Thank you!
  10. Spn785

    Should you get a tortoise from a pet store?

    Hi! I have seen alot of people asking questions like this, so: would you suggest someone buy a tortoise from a pet store? [hr] Sorry the first option should just be No.
  11. Spn785

    Mid Missouri

    Anyone in Mid Missouri?
  12. Spn785

    WANTED: Greek cbb

    I would really like a young (cbb 2011 or 2012) Ibera Greek Tortoise. PM me if you have one you are selling or wanting to rehome.
  13. Spn785

    Greek vs Russian Tortoises

    I found a TON of information on taking care of Russian Tortoises, but not nearly as much on Gree (Iberas) for some odd reason. Is there much of a difference in their care? What are the differences?
  14. Spn785

    Just Starting

    Hi Everyone! My name is Steve and I live in central Missouri. I am just getting my first tortoise! I am looking to get either a black greek, jordanian greek or a russian. I plan to keep it indoors most of the time since in the summer it is usually too hot out and in the winter too cold, so...