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  1. kona the tortoise

    Road trip with Kona...

    We are headed to Florida for the summer in two weeks. We want to take Kona with us but don't know how to keep her area warm in the car. We are driving from New York, it will be a 17-hour drive and we are staying overnight in a hotel. We plan to keep her is a storage tote with holes drilled. It...
  2. kona the tortoise

    Runny Poop

    Kona is suddenly having runny poop. She has had it before but that was because of my limited knowledge before joining the forum (I had fed her a lot of fruit). Today I fed her butternut squash, yellow pepper and dandelion greens. Do you think it is from the food or does it look like something...
  3. kona the tortoise

    Not Eating Greens

    I have been giving Kona spring mix as a substitute for grass and weeds during the winter. She has stopped eating anything green that I give her. She won't eat the grass I gave her recently either. She just picks off the food I put on top (which is usually pepper, carrots, mazuri, chicken or...
  4. kona the tortoise

    Kona is Losing Weight!

    I weighed Kona last Sunday and she was 354 grams. I weighed her again today and she weighed 345 grams! She is losing weight even though she is eating all her foods, going to the bathroom regularly. I don't know why. Do you think I should feed her more? The pictures should give you an example of...
  5. kona the tortoise

    Does Kona have a Good Weight

    Because of her size, we assume Kona is approximately 2 and a half years old. She is 4 inches and 9 centimeters long and weighs 354 grams. We got her a month and a half ago and she was 4 inches and 6 centimeters. Is this is an okay weight for a 2 and a half year old redfoot? She has no evidence...
  6. kona the tortoise

    shell rot?

    I have had Kona for a month now and have been noticing that there is something on her marginal scutes. She doesn’t have it anywhere else on her shell. The humidity in her enclosure is around 80-95% at all times. The temperature is at around 80-85 degrees F. Do you think this could be shell rot?
  7. kona the tortoise

    Kona the Redfoot

    I have decided to start a thread about Kona, my eight month old redfoot tortoise that I got at a reptile expo. I take her out everyday because obviously she loves eating all the clovers :) I will update you as often as possible, enjoy!
  8. kona the tortoise

    are these plants okay for my tortoise?

    I have a few plants and are wondering if they are safe to keep in my tortoises enclosure. I have a coffee plant, Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, moon cactus and peperomia. Thanks.
  9. kona the tortoise

    humidity problems in closed chamber

    My redfoot tortoise Kona is 8 months old. I want to give her a good start in her indoor enclosure. I can’t seem to keep the humidity up while the lights are on in my closed chamber enclosure. At night, when the lights are off, the humidity goes to 88-95% but this isn’t the case at daytime, when...
  10. kona the tortoise

    New- Need Help with Redfoot Tortoise

    Hello! This is my new redfoot tortoise Kona. She is currently 8 months old and 4.5". I recently got her 5 days ago. I soak her daily and mist quite often. I take her out daily and let her eat the clovers in our yard. I also feed her a variety of foods in her enclosure such as clovers, romaine...