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  1. Melissacoop


    Hi everyone!! Hoping you all can confirm Chunk is a girl?! (fingers crossed) She/ he is 2.5 years old, 12 inches long by 13 inches wide and about 6.5 pounds. Thanks! Melissa
  2. Melissacoop

    Too cold in Florida??

    Hi guys!! So I just recently moved my girl( I think?) about two weeks ago to an outside patio enclosure instead of her heated inside box. She’s used to 82 degrees cool side and 95-100 basking. She has free roam of the patio with yard grass while we are home. So basically we just lock her up...
  3. Melissacoop

    Tort doesn’t feel good

    I came home today and my little guy was tucked in his hide not asking to come out. We have a schedule and every day mid day when we come home he comes outside for about 2-3 hours in his patio area for grazing and exercise. He’s very people oriented and comes to our feet and hangs out. We keep...
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    What do you guys think this is?? Picture taken from Facebook so I don’t have any other info. Assumed by owner to be a Sulcata.
  5. Melissacoop

    Help identifying

    Hi all! what kind of tortoise is this? This girl on Facebook thinks it’s a Sulcata but I knew it wasn’t. I know the pictures aren’t great but you can see middle scute behind head and I think front legs are smoothish.
  6. Melissacoop

    Normal behavior??

    So my little guy is 1.5 years now. He’s alittle over 500 grams. We got off to a slow start but he is gaining and starting to really eat a lot! He started about a month or two ago this behavior of moving quickly at us when we go in his enclosure in the morning to feed him. I can’t really call it...
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    Hi everyone, My little guy is a little over a year old. We are very regimented on schedule and feeding. I noticed yesterday morning he was still sleeping. Normally he is waiting on his food platE. He did eat but not all but that’s not all uncommon. When I got home from work I put him out in the...
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    Hi guys! What kind of tortoise is this?? The poster bought it as a Sulcata??
  9. Melissacoop

    Please Identify!!

    Hi guys! Someone on Facebook found this tort in Ft. Meyers, Florida. They think it’s a Gopher Tortoise and are going to put it back. Is it a Sulcata?? Thanks.
  10. Melissacoop

    Male or female

    Hi guys! This is my friends Sulcata. He’s had her( or him) since a hatchling for about 5 years now. He’s never seen any signs of flashing. What do you all think? Feels like about 20 pounds. Thanks!
  11. Melissacoop

    Normal urine color

    I saw my lil guy ( Sulcata 1 year)urinate earlier on the patio but as I was busy I didn’t clean it right away. Now as it’s drying I noticed it looks reddish. He is currently eating dandelions mixed with his hay and grass for last few days. I’m hoping that’s what it is?
  12. Melissacoop

    Dent on shell?

    Hi everyone! My little guy is 10 months old. Weighs 175 grams. I have noticed this tiny indentation between the scutes for a few months but didn’t worry since he is thriving. Recently on Facebook I’ve seen it on other pictures of other young Sulcatas as well so now I’m wondering what it is?
  13. Melissacoop

    No poop

    My little guy used to poop more often. It’s been 3 days and he hasn’t pooped. His diet is varied. I try to chop up orchard grass with everything. He gets a wide variety of greens, kale, mustard greens, cilantro, etc, Mazuri twice a week, grass available at all times. He eats a ton of weeds...
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    I have a similar question regarding the closed chamber. My humidity Maintains at 65% then to 95 % when I mist it which is usually every other day. Problem I’m having now since I live in Florida is that it is getting to 95 degrees in his humid hide. He has a cooler side that stays around 85...