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    Comet Goldfish and Minnow
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    Hey! Can you guys post some pictures of your enclosures so I can get a couple of ideas for my enclosure?
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    Which wattage of blubs?

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    Which wattage of blubs?

    Would a 75 be a better fit?
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    Which wattage of blubs?

    I can't decide on what kind of wattage of these bulbs I want for my russian tortoise's basking area. The clamp lamp will be about 8-10 inches above the substrate. 50 watts? 75? 100? 150...
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    UVB Bulbs

    Would this light fixture and light bulb give a good amount of uva/uvb/light to a russian tortoise?
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    In my old set-up of my enclosure, I had one 100 watt mercury vapor bulb that gave uva/uvb and heat. I was wondering. Could I just have one lightbulb for basking and then use a light strip that gives off uvb ? Basking Lightbulb ...
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    Basking light

    The tortoise is a russian tortoise and he is about 3-4 inches. Which lightbulb would be better? The 100 watt of the 160 watt? Is the florescent tube light strip available in pets stores and is it expensive? ( Can you give me the url to one? ) Does the florescent light go in an aquarium hood...
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    Basking light

    This may be a little confusing the question I ask so just try to follow me. ( my tank is 68x28x12 ) Right now I'm thinking of getting a tortoise and the way I have the lights set up , I have a 150 watt basking light and then I have a 160 watt Zoo Med PowerSun UV Mercury Vapor Lamp going above...
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    Basking rock?

    How big of a lightbulb would I need for a small-medium russian tortoise in the basking spot?
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    Basking rock?

    I have a question about basking. I have a 150 watt light for basking and I was wondering if I could put a rock under the basking light so the heat doesn't heat the substrate. Would it be good for the tortoise to get on a nice warm rock or would the heat of the 150 watt lightbulb heat up the rock...
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    Haha true! I have a question. Is that a russian tortoise in your profile picture?
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    Yeah I'm thinking of lining it with ply wood and then putting a pond liner on it so the ply wood would reinforce it will the liner would prevent mold.
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    Experience with bulbs?

    Would this bulb 8 to 12 inches from the substrate heat an enclosure that is 68x28x12 and give off a good amount of heat, uva, and uvb ? The bulb would be like in the middle of the tank hanging from a clamp light that is 10.5 inches diameter...
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    The tank is going to be an old bookshelf on it's side
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    Convincing parents

    Do you guys know of any good ways to convince your parents to let you get a tortoise? My mom keeps on complaining that the electric bill is going to cost a fortune and that she doesn't want the house to be dirty from the tortoise. I can't think of a way to convince her to let me get one. If you...
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    Thanks for the compliment! I'll look into the clear water dish! Thanks again!
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    Russian tortoise enclosure

    Would these supplies work for the tortoise? Tank: (68x28x12) (lxwxh) Tortoise: $ 100 Substrate: $11.40 (3 bags)...
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    Used items?

    Does anyone have any used items that I can have for free or for a reduced price? Items I'm looking into would be like clamp lights, hides, water dishes, pieces of slate, decorations or pretty much anything that you put in a russian tortoises enclosure that does not spoil or go bad after a while...
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    Russian or red-foot

    So you guys are more headed toward the russian over the red foot?