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  1. Meag

    Experienced Advice On Shell Growth

    Hi Everyone! I have a 1 year old Hermann’s tortoise named Zippy and have been stressed reading all these articles about pyramiding. This is my first tortoise and I have a UVB and a heating lamp along with a hide box, however, I do think it needs to be packed with more moistened peat moss. I...
  2. Meag

    Zippy the Hermann's Tortoise

    Thanks JoesMum for all the helpful information. I will make the necessary adjustments. It's so difficult to sift through all the information on tortoises of any kind (via internet or professionals). Perhaps it would be best to wait until Zippy is larger and more stabilized before taking him back...
  3. Meag

    Beginner Mistakes - commentary

    I just joined this forum and decided to start investigating some of the threads. I'm so happy I stumbled upon this first! I currently don't have a water dish in my baby Hermann's enclosure because I thought that soaking it once or twice a day would be enough, and I was worried about leaving it...
  4. Meag

    Zippy the Hermann's Tortoise

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and my reptile friend. My name is Meaghan and I have a 4 month old Hermann's tortoise named Zippy. I am a second grade teacher and live in Los Angeles, California where I think we have great weather for this species of...
  5. Meag

    New Hermann's Tortoise owner!

    New Hermann's Tortoise owner!