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  1. ben awes

    Cloths Dryer Repurposing.

    Hey all, since dandelion season is about to kick into gear, I’m wondering about gathering a bunch and drying them for storage. Obviously folks will have opinions about that but my real question is if you think you could use a cloths dryer to do this? (Not the one I dry my own cloths in, but a...
  2. ben awes

    Can’t upload video

    I don’t really care the reason, it’s stupid that we cannot upload videos directly to Tortoise Forum. And if we can, and I don’t understand how, then it’s stupid that it’s not clear how to do it. I just was in my own thread about my Aldabra Uncle Bri, and I went to “attach files” and videos are...
  3. ben awes

    Albabra Poop

    Uncle Bri and his two smaller friends are producing a remarkable volume of poop! What do you folks with large aldabras do with it all? Do you compost it somehow? Sell it at the local farmers market? Bag it and throw it away? Wasn’t a problem until this year. Would love to hear how folks...
  4. ben awes

    Great Plains Zoo Galops

    Saw some fascinating behavior from the galops today at the Great Plains Zoo in Sioux Falls. I wonder if anyone here knows the history? They have three animals, at least two are males based on behavior. Two are pretty lumpy, one fairly smooth. All three have back leg problems, two worse than the...
  5. ben awes

    Mosquitos a danger?

    I’ve never had a concern about this before, but mosquitoes have just hatched up here in Minnesota and I’ve noticed them flying around Uncle Bri. Can they cause harm to aldabras? Can they get through the skin? Headless Uncle Bri (but not because of mosquitoes).
  6. ben awes

    Another poop thread! sorry!, but it's for the kids!

    Hi all, So, need some advice or a home remedy idea or.....? I've got three Aldabra tortoises; Uncle Bri is 5 years old and my two little ones are approx 18 months. On rare occasion I take Uncle Bri on an outing and so I spent time on a portable enclosure for him. Almost like a portable playpen...
  7. ben awes

    Got the wrong Matzuri

    Hey all, i accidentally purchased the wrong Matzuri Tortoise diet. (50 lbs!) I meant to purchase the Tortoise LS but I bought the Tortoise LS Diet Small. They are both for herbivorous reptiles, but the LS small has a much higher protein content. i didn't realize till i had torn the bag open and...
  8. ben awes

    Aldabra indoor substrate

    I am in the process of tripling the size of Uncle Bri's enclosure. I am debating about the substrate. As some of you know I have always raised my torts on plywood - straight, hard, dry plywood! and its worked out great. Never any shell rot, plenty of traction, soft enough. never had a problem. I...
  9. ben awes

    Calcium deposits on shell & water filter systems

    This might be a new one! I think over time that calcium scale/deposits are building up on the shell of my Aldabra Uncle Bri. I have a humidifier in the humid hide where he spends a lot of his time and because the process is so slow I have not really noticed. It's seems to me that his shell is...
  10. ben awes

    Mazuri Tortoise Diet - for small tortoises

    I bought (2) 25 pound bags of Mazuri about a month ago direct from Mazuri and did not realize until today when I opened the first one that i bought the wrong size! I bought the 5E5M which is for small herbavouris reptiles and I need the large Mazuri. Here is the spec sheet...
  11. ben awes

    Aldabras near Asheville NC?

    Hi All, I am traveling to Asheville NC in mid-Sept and am interested to know of any places to see Aldabra tortoises in or nearby that area? I live in MN and there are no Aldabras at the local zoos. When I travel I like to find out if there are any in the cities/areas nearby. Am willing to drive...
  12. ben awes

    Yard Enclosure Coming Along

  13. ben awes

    How long can they go! (?)

    Should I change my T5HO Arcadia bulbs just because? This is a strange situation - I'm antsy to change my Arcadia T5HO 12% UVB florescent's because I got them 2 years ago and it should be time! However, they still read 200 UVB at the ends and 275 in the middle. This is my first set of Arcadia...
  14. ben awes

    Uncle Bri not pooping

    Uncle Bri has not pooped for a number of days. He has always been a tort that poops only a couple times a week but it's been at least 5 days. He very rarely poops during a soaking. His diet has not changed that I am aware of. We're going out of town for 5 days tomorrow and I'm concerned. I...
  15. ben awes

    Overfeeding Aldabra?

    I've got a young aldabra - 33 months old (Uncle Bri - you can see lots of photos on my Uncle Bri Update thread). He/she is 18lbs and has gained about 8 pounds since last october, about a pound a month. My young guy happens to have a small crack on his plastron that appears not to be caused by...
  16. ben awes

    Crack or Split in Plastron - what to do?!

    Hi all, last fall I posted a photo of my young Aldabra tortoise Uncle Bri who had a small split or crack on his plastron. I am reposting that photo with a new photo taken today at the vet. I have been watching it over the months and it while it is not a through crack it is getting larger and...
  17. ben awes

    Aldabra Predators?

    New topic - I live in the city and I have a small back yard where my Aldabra will eventually spend the majority of his life. Right now I bring him in every night and he rarely is outside very long without me around. That being said I am building a 7 foot solid privacy fence that will deter...
  18. ben awes

    Aldabra Enclosure Material

    Building a new enclosure in my backyard for my young Aldabra. The first step is a tall privacy fence around the backyard. I'm planning on using 4 x 6 posts with a layer of fencing on the outside up to 7 feet, and a layer on the inside buried into the ground 12" extending up to about 3 feet...
  19. ben awes

    Sulcata in Tokyo!
  20. ben awes

    Aldabras - need companionship or not?

    I'd like to take a poll - a simple question: do you think Aldabras do better with companionship or not?