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  1. blafiriravt

    Blood python

    I was wondering if anyone here in TFO knew anything about Bloods. I know to go CB, and know the debatable stigma on aggression. Care tips? Any good places to go to dig up some info? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks :D
  2. blafiriravt


    Had baths a bit later than usual today. When all the torts are soaking in their tubs, I prepare their goodies. Today was a bit of mushroom, and finely chopped spring mix. Here they are :D :D :D Here is Ava: Here is Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde And last but not least, Max :)
  3. blafiriravt

    Maxwell's pattern change

    Love the marbling as Max grows :)
  4. blafiriravt

    Crested Gecko Q's

    Lately, these little guys have caught my interest. I was wondering if anyone had experience in keeping them? Any pointers on the best spots to start some research?
  5. blafiriravt

    Enjoying the new house

    Been building a few tables and moving the torts in as I go. I got Max moved in just now and figured I'd snap some pics. More later as I get everything 100% put together today :)
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  7. blafiriravt

    Pics of everyone

    Hey all! It's been a couple of weeks since posting due to some technical difficulties. Got it fixed. And took some pics. :)
  8. blafiriravt

    Leopard not using moist hides cause for concern?

    From the research I have gathered and noted, Leo's should be provided the opportuntiy to retreat into a moist hide. I have provided several, three to be exact. One in the warm area, one in the middle zone, and another in the cooler end. My relative humidity in the entire enclosure is 55-60%...
  9. blafiriravt

    Meet Max :)

    My handsome little leopard came in today! I'm super stoked. I decided to name him Maxwell :D
  10. blafiriravt

    My little helper

    Getting some help checking out the hot spot:)
  11. blafiriravt

    Peek a boo

    Grumpy little cherry coming out for breakfast :D
  12. blafiriravt

    Outside time :)

    Got some shots of the gang outside today!
  13. blafiriravt

    Gang's all here tonight

    Had some time to get pics if everyone tonight :)
  14. blafiriravt

    Hey all, been meaning to write a review for a while now. I have recently had a transaction with JD (N2TORTS), and I must say, I am very happy. I acquired four beautiful cherry head babies from him. They arrived incredibly healthy, beautiful, and ate like a pack of mules. I have them for close to...
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    Transitioning from outside to dinner :D yummy spring mix awaits as I get em put away into their enclosures for the night.
  16. blafiriravt

    Two little RF's eatin' some greens :)

    Just a few pics of the little cherry heads. :D
  17. blafiriravt

    My carnivorous plant collection

    I've seen a couple other plant aficionados here. Figured I'd share my while I was on a sharing role today.
  18. blafiriravt

    My new cherry heads :D

    Pictures of my beautiful little RF's from JD. I am super stoked to show these guys off! I snapped these shots while they were enjoying their outdoor time.
  19. blafiriravt


    Ava at one year, seven months.