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  1. Scute Mob

    Redfoot Plastron Concern

    Hello All! Wallace is my Redfoot. He hatched in the beginning of April 2015. I have a concern about his plastron. The first picture is his plastron while he was still at the breeder's ~September 12. The second is a picture I took last week. Are the imperfections/creases normal? They do not feel...
  2. Scute Mob

    Help! He will only eat outside

    I've had my five month old redfoot since Wednesday. He came from a reputable forum member. Since I've gotten him, I've only seen him eat a bite of kale while inside his enclosure. When I bring him outside he mows down on clover and a little leafy grass. He hasn't touched the grass and clover I...
  3. Scute Mob

    Redfoot Temps

    I am looking to see what some members keep their redfoot enclosures at. For reference, my guy is 5 months old. Lately under his CHE is is between 85F and 89F. His humidity is in the 80s. What do others keep their young redfoots at? Temps under the CHE, hot side/cold side appreciated!
  4. Scute Mob

    Hatchling Redfoot Weight Concern

    My Hatchling is around five months old. He left the breeder's on Tuesday weighing 82g. I just weighed him today and he is 78g. I know there is an adjustment period and such, but I am definitely concerned. Any advice as to what I can do to help him gain weight? So far he has had small amounts of...
  5. Scute Mob


    Hello! I am looking to find some grasses and such outdoors for my 5 month old redfoot. I am in CT and with winter approaching I'd like to freeze some once I find out what he likes. Any recommendations for what is safe/best are greatly appreciated!
  6. Scute Mob

    My new guy needs a name!

    He hatched in April 2015 and has been curious and comfortable since I unpacked him yesterday. Any ideas for a name?
  7. Scute Mob

    My Hatchling Redfoot's Pad!

    My five months old Redfoot is here! Here are some shots of his enclosure. 40 gallon tank Coco coir base with coco coir/moss/soil mixed in Sphagnum moss in the hides 150watt CHE on thermostat 10.0 uv strip (hole in screen cover) Two spider plants Two pothos One water dish for now because I...
  8. Scute Mob

    My German Shepherd

    Well, I am a newbie to torts but not to dogs! Here is my male at various ages. Jesse James vom Rebel Yelle. He is now 20 months. I am EXTREMELY active in Schutzhund. I am also a huge advocate for proper breeding practices of the German Shepherd. In Europe, every German Shepherd must have a...
  9. Scute Mob

    Calcium Supplementation

    My first tortoise will be arriving Tuesday. The last piece of the puzzle I need to finalize is calcium supplementation. He will be primarily house indoors (40Gallon Tank closed chamber, 10.0 UV, CHE, coco coir bedding, multiple hides). Next year around April-May (Varient CT weather) he may be...
  10. Scute Mob

    Redfoot Hatchling Substrate

    Alright: My Redfoot hatchling will be arriving Tuesday at 10:30AM! The last thing I need to get to be ready is the substrate! I know the most highly recommended is Coco Coir. Do I mix this with anything? What type of moss for inside his hides? Also- are these things I can get at Lowes/Home...
  11. Scute Mob

    Redfoot Diet Examples

    I know the basics of which food are safe, but I was hoping some members would share their general diet they feed their redfoots. I will be getting my hatchling soon! Any input is greatly appreciated!
  12. Scute Mob

    UV Strip Question

    I am looking to buy this hood: I am wondering if the T8 included (bulb) is suitable for my hatchling redfoot or if I am better off with the Reptiglo 5.0. Added Question: Is the Reptiglo 5.0 the most recommended strip, or should I look into...
  13. Scute Mob

    MVB vs UV Strip Light

    I am looking for some recommendations for UVB/UVA for my hatchling Redfoot. I am wondering who prefers the MVB alone with a CHE or the UV strip light with CHE. I am wondering which you prefer and if you use an additional basking day light. **PLEASE no debate over redfoots basking/not basking...
  14. Scute Mob

    40 Gallon Closed Chamber

    I have a 40 Gallon tank I am looking to safely make into a closed chamber for a five month old redfoot. I know everyone has their own methods, I am looking for reasonable reasons why this can't/shouldn't be done, and would love some ways that it could be done, if possible. I had thought...
  15. Scute Mob

    Need To Buy Lights

    Hello! I am looking for recommendations for lighting. I will be getting a redfoot hatchling. The enclosure will be a 40 Gallon tank. I am wondering if anyone can recommend specific light brands/wattages and setup locations for the UVB, Basking, and CHE. Thank you!
  16. Scute Mob

    Making Redfoot Enclosure...

    I am in the process of making my Redfoot enclosure before having my hatchling shipped to make sure that my levels are correct. I decided to go with a 40 Gallon tank because It was recommended by the breeder and because I figure it is more stable then some of the greenhouse enclosures. I...
  17. Scute Mob

    New and Excited!

    Hello! I am located in Eastern CT and am excited to be getting my first tortoise very soon! I have done lots of browsing on the forum and now it is time for me to get involved. Thanks for reading!