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    Opuntia in canada?

    I live in Montreal and they sell Opuntias in grocery stores. Maybe you could try asking a grocery store manager if he could order some.
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    Chocolate Labrador puppy update (Lots of pictures)

    O my gosh, they are sooo amazingly cute Candy :D. I love their little collards, it is adorable. It is so fun that you are keeping one, I am sure the mama will be very happy :)! You must be very busy with all of them plus your little shelled family :). Do not hesitate to post more pictures if...
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    Red spots on feet and on shell

    Thanks everyone for the advices :) Hermy has a water dish in his enclosure and I soak him every morning. The vet told me that the dead skin on his head will always stay there, apparently, it is not uncommon in tortoises, did anybody ever saw a tortoise with the same problem? what was...
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    Red spots on feet and on shell

    Hello everyone, I have noticed some red spots on Hermy's 2 feet and his shell looks transparent at some places, we see some red from his blood, I am not too sure if it is normal growth or something else. He has a very good appetite and is very active. His temps are 24-25C on the cold side...
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    LOOK! It's Our 30th ANNIVERSARY!

    Congratulations! :)
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    I am sorry for your loss :(
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    Jigsaw died

    I am sorry for your loss :( RIP Jigsaw
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    My new puppy!!!!

    Sorry I am a little late but Congrats on your new puppy :) She is beautiful! I love the pic of her and the little baby (I think it is the 3 or 4th one) Too cute :D
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    Ferrets in action!!

    Very nice video! Your ferrets and your dog are too cute :D
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    the game wack a mole!

    Very cute! The little guy sure knows where the good hides are :)
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    my ding dong~ bully!

    Awww so adorable, he is gorgeous :)
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    November 21st birthday

    Happy Birthdayyyyy Candy :D I hope you have an amazing day!
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    My Wish... *VIDEO*

    Beautiful video :)
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    Purina's Mazuri Tortoise Diet video....

    That was a very interesting video, thanks for sharing :)
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    LOL very funny :D thanks for sharing!
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    turtle/tortoise graffiti

    Very nice!!! The third one is amazing!
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    I need Sugar Glider help please..

    Poor little guy :( I hope everything will go back to normal soon.
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    Pictures of Stolen Tortoises

    O no, I am so sorry. I agree with the others that a reward or telling what happened to the news are good ideas. I hope that your tortoises will be found safe and sound and that the police will find who did this.
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    Very interesting Yvonne, thanks for sharing!
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    just need to vent.

    I am very sorry Chris, are they planning to do a bone biopsy very soon? I am glad you are in good hands. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way