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  1. Myakoda

    Clover Sprouts, are they good for Sully's?

    Does anyone ever feed organic clover sprouts to your Sulcata Tortoise?
  2. Myakoda

    Grow tents:

    Hi, does anyone else on here use grow tents for their Sulcata's? If so can anyone help me and advise me on how you have set your tents up. I bought one, and am very confused on how this is done properly? Myakoda will be a year old in September, we found her in the hot street when she was a...
  3. Myakoda

    Male? or female?

    Hi Tom, hope all is well. I know this isn't anything to do with the above etc.. Although I love this care sheet, it's THE BEST!! I have a current photo of Myakoda. Someone told me her shell up on her neck indicates she may be a he. What do you think? She been doing really good too, and has good...
  4. Myakoda


    Hi everyone! Myakoda and myself haven't been on here for awhile. Mya's doing well, what's going on in this world right now is just overload. :confused: I hope everyone stays safe! ?? Here's a recent photo of Baby Myakoda.
  5. Myakoda


    Yay! We ordered a very nice Tortoise table for baby Mya! Organic Orchid substrate on it's way. Myakoda, will be getting all the humidity she needs, 80%, and a great heat temp! Thank you XRay--OPO and Tom!! Photos will follow soon, of Myakoda in her new digs. Ha, pun intended. ????