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  1. impdragon

    Baby Leopard Tortoise looking for new home!

    Hello! Back in April my friend found a baby Leopard Tortoise wandering the streets of Los Angeles and I took him in. I named him Pippin and he's been doing great! However, the level of maintenance he deserves is incompatible with my current lifestyle. I am willing to give Pippin, his tank...
  2. impdragon

    What species is this baby?

    My friend found a baby tortoise wandering down the street this morning and we are trying to identify it so we can provide the proper husbandry! I attached a photo. What do you guys think?
  3. impdragon

    Plastron oddity - and other issues

    Hi everyone, I'm worried about my little Redfoot baby. I've had him for two months now and the entire time his plastron has looked odd. I figured it was the site after the egg yolk healing up, but it hasn't gone away, and I can't find anything online about it. I don't think it's shell rot...
  4. impdragon

    Hello from LA!

    Hi everyone! My name is Lynda, an artist currently living in LA. I bought my first tortoise EVER, a redfoot, at a reptile show in August (only two months ago!) This forum has been a valuable resource in that time while I adjust things to make Morton happy and healthy. I figured it was about...