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  1. Destiny

    Scratching her back?

    Eleanor was in the middle of her log and a flower pot and was rocking herself back and forth on the flower pot. It was so funny looking. Do they scratch their shells?
  2. Destiny

    Trip to the vet

    I've said Eleanor has been acting different lately. She stayed out of her hide for a day and a half. This was after I truned of the CHE in her hide. Yesterday she had snot bubbles coming out of her nose! I know from reading on this site that this is not good. We have an appt at 2pm today...
  3. Destiny

    throat looks like a frog??

    I just got home and Eleanor is out...its been raining this afternoon and she's usually out when it rains. Anyway she's just sitting there relaxing I guess but she's breathing and her throat is poking out when she breathes kinda like a bull frog. It looks that normal? I'll try to take...
  4. Destiny

    When to turn off CHE

    So its a steady 70 degrees here at night now so I was wondering when should I turn off Eleanors CHE in her hide? During the day its been in the upper 80's...
  5. Destiny

    Very Active last night

    Eleanor was out more than I've ever seen her in her enclosure last night. We had some pretty bad thunderstorms last night and this morning. When I came out to feed her she was still out this morning. I was wondering what had her so energetic. Could it be she was scared? I figured if that...
  6. Destiny


    Can they have Lavender? I have it in her enclosure and it looks like she tried to eat some of it. It was up pretty high so I assumed like a dummy she wouldn't get it but it looks like she pulled it down. She seems pretty happy in her outdoor enclosure and she even slept outside underneath...
  7. Destiny

    New outdoor enclosure

    We finished the outdoor enclosure it's in our screened in patio so we don't have to worry about predators. There is a 40W CHE in her hide with sphagnum moss. Here are some pics... If you have any suggestions of things I am missing please help:) Thanks for all of your help...
  8. Destiny

    Temps outside

    So this weekend the lows are 63 at night. And I looked at the 10 day forecast and it says an average of 58 at night which I'm sure will change but it looks like we are done with the cold weather here. SO my question is can I go ahead and put Eleanor in her outdoor enclosure? I will still have...
  9. Destiny


    Went to the local nursery for some plants, and explained why I needed organic soil. He was wondering and so am I now...what should I use to fertilize the plants? He was asking how I expect them to grow if I don't use fertilizer?
  10. Destiny

    Ointment or Solution?

    I had my humidity up to where it needed to be...finally! But I am aware that her hide may have been too damp becasue now she has little white spots on her shell. There is only 2 but still. So I got the betadine and from what I read I am going to clean the spots for 2 days with the betadine...
  11. Destiny

    Pics of redone indoor enclosure

    Okay so we changed the hide form the rubbermaid storage box to the hinged top, so that I could put her CHE light inside her hide. I didn't think the heat was getting through the back of the rubbermaid hide. I have to admit I'm feeling very discouraged though. I got the humidity to where I...
  12. Destiny

    Stella and Stanley...and Ebenezer

    Here are some pics of my babies... Stella the American Bulldog and Stanley the cat This is Ebenezer th Oscar eating. I rescued him after someone gave him up to the pet store.
  13. Destiny

    Pics of outdoor enclosure options

    Please help with your advice of best outdoor enclosure location. There are 3 options where I can begin to build... Option 1 Left corner of back yard... Option 2 Right corner I LOVE THE TREE but...There is a pit bull in on the other side of the fence. However there are 2 fences in...
  14. Destiny

    Sleeping outside her hide??

    I only had a one 160W UVA/UVB/Heat light in her Tort table and got some advice to add the CHE light to help with the humidity and heat. Well tonight she was all over the place doing laps, not sure what that was about. Well I put the CHE behind her hide and instead of sleeping in her hide she...
  15. Destiny

    How do I get more humidity?

    Because it has been cold outside in FL I have my "new to me" but 12 yr old Yellow foot ( ELeanor) inside in the spare bedroom in a turtle table. I have a 160W clamp lamp in one corner and her hide is on the other side. There is Peat moss covered with Cypress mulch and then after I was told last...
  16. Destiny

    New yellow foot tortoise- have questions

    We bought a Yellow Foot tortoise last Friday. They say she is about 12 yrs old. She was with a male before and when we went to go buy her he was gone. We were going to buy them both. Now I feel bad because I think she is even more lonely at our house! We were going to keep her outside but its...
  17. Destiny

    New to this

    Hi everyone! I just bought my first Yellow foot tortoise this past weekend. I am learning alot form this website, thanks for everyone's help in advance!!