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    Help Fungus? Shell rot?

    I hope the pictures are good enough that u can see something. This turtle is a European pond turtle. She has clear eyes and a good appetite. She basks regularly under a 100 watt heat bulb. The basking spot is completely dry. She has some greenish white spots on the shell underside is this shell...
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    Co habitation similar species?

    Hey some of u know we got a few turtles. We got a European pond turtle rescue today that is currently in quarantine. After that I would like to move it in the pond in spring with the other painted turtles and spotteds. Do u think this could work? The European pond turtle is about 4cm bigger...
  3. everyday

    How much variety is needed in feeding?

    How much variety is needed for a healthy turtle? Species: spotted and painted turtles This is what I feed and what they get access to: Dried gammarus(small shrimps?) Earthworms Crickets Bloodworms Mealworms Crawfish Snails(aquatic and land) Dragonfly larvae Tadpoles Spiders Grasshoppers Dubia...
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    Fixing holes in plastic tubs?

    We got a pond tub donated but it has 2 holes really low with screws in them. If we fill it with water its trickling down drops of water. Not ideal for indoors. Is there anything that could seal it properly? Does anyone has an idea how to fix this?
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    Amount of Light Hours after brumation importend??

    Hello again everyone. I hope u had a good start of 2022! :) I'm ending the brumation earlier for my turtles (like I said in my last post) I'm wondering if it is Important to slowly and steadily increase the hours of light I give them ? For example should I give them after brumation only like...
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    Leopard seal love story with a photographer (7 min, funny, intresting)

    Just found this in YouTube.. had a good laugh thought I share :)
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    Amount of natural sunlight enough?

    We keep some turtles outdoors from april to December. They brumate from mid October to end of December. Then we wake them slowly to live from Januar - End of March indoors. Before we put them outside again. We do this because our climate is not so perfect for north America species. Do they...
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    Basking in 50f weather?

    We got some rescue painted turtles in. They are outside to brumate. The last 2 weeks it was cloudy and 45-50f. The turtles were inactive and under water. Today the sun is shining and the turtles are basking. The water temperature is currently still only 50f and temperature in the sun is 52-57f...
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    Hi all! New here.

    Sorry for my english in advance Hello everyone my name is Laura. new here and I love turtles and tortoises. I hope that I can learn more about these amazing reptiles on here and also share the knowledge I already have. I live in France but was born in Sweden and I work in an animal rescue...