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  1. lovee50

    Sulcata doesn't want anything to do with his house

    Good to know! Do they not try to dig if there is no substrate?
  2. lovee50

    Sulcata doesn't want anything to do with his house

    I’ll let the experts weigh in about that as I don’t use a kane mat but I thought I read they don’t get hot enough to cause a fire? Our tortoise walked into her enclosure within 5 minutes of us putting it there, mostly because she’s very curious about anything new!
  3. lovee50

    Uh oh! I thought I had it figured out, please help.

    No you aren’t doing it wrong! The CHE is just for nighttime heat without any light. They are drying to the shell so you wouldn’t want them sleeping under it. I’m in San Diego, way too far south from you!
  4. lovee50

    Uh oh! I thought I had it figured out, please help.

    May I ask where in Southern CA you live? I have some CHEs that I no longer need and was looking to give them away.
  5. lovee50

    Sulcata doesn't want anything to do with his house

    This might be a stupid question but will you be adding substrate to the floor? I don’t think the bare floor is inviting to a sulcata, but I am no expert?Ours likes to dig around in the substrate. Nice box by the way!
  6. lovee50

    Orchid bark in Michigan

    It is a California thing! I found it by going on the EB Stone website and looking for local nurseries that carry it and found several here in San Diego. Unfortunately they only have it on the West Coast!
  7. lovee50

    Another dead one

    So sorry for your loss???
  8. lovee50

    Morning coffee...

    So jealous of your yard! It’s stunning ?
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    So sorry for your loss?
  10. lovee50

    help finding safe trees

    Are the leaves from a fruit bearing mulberry tree ok to give them? It’s not my tree but I have access to the leaves.
  11. lovee50

    RIP Grumpyface

    Very sorry for your loss ?RIP Grumpyface??
  12. lovee50

    Never ending learning

    This is how I found the Green All micro bark since they didn’t have it at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I Googled it and went to the EB Organics website and clicked on Find a store near you, typed in my zip code and it gave me list of nurseries near me so now I have an endless supply ? I’m in CA but...
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    Will be off list for a time

    Lots of prayers and positive thoughts sent your way
  14. lovee50

    Hello from Saudi Arabia.

    Welcome to the forum and your babies are beautiful:)
  15. lovee50

    Brumation: What is this thing that I have just heard about?

    Well it said primate when I read it so it totally made sense to me!!! lol
  16. lovee50

    Will there be any problem if the tortoise buries themselves deep in the coconut coir

    Well when I gave some advice I got from here, they told me not to give info from other sites This from admins that let their tortoises roam their homes And how everyone gets a pair so they won’t be lonely
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    Our Tooter will not eat them at all we have access to them in the neighbors yard, the various hispanic markets everywhere but he is so picky! I also chopped up some carrot tops and he very carefully ate everything except for every little piece of them. He won’t eat Mazuri either, ugh. Luckily...