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  1. Sleppo


    Hi, Hoping to get some guidance or reassurance with one of my girls. Both of my Russians are outside full time during the spring/summer (separate enclosures) one is active, eating everyday etc. and the other appears to be wanting to estivate. I initially was concerned that there could be an...
  2. Sleppo

    Warning about not having proper drainage in outdoor enclourses

    Hi all, I just wanted to share a scary situation I had earlier in the week in hopes it saves someone else from having the same problem. This is the 2nd spring/summer where I have had my 2 adult Russians outdoors, you probably cannot tell in the pictures but the ground is sloped with the houses...
  3. Sleppo

    Rehabbing orphaned 6 week old groundhog- pinworms need advice

    Hi all, Hope everyone is doing well through this pandemic. I found an orphaned, malnourished groundhog a week ago that I have been nursing back to health to release him in a few weeks. I have experience with kittens and birds but not much with small mammals. Due to the pandemic I can’t get a...
  4. Sleppo

    Change of Substrate

    Good morning all, I am considering changing substrate for my Russians who are wintered in the house in open top tort tables. For the last 3 years I have used straight cypress mulch and I am looking for a better alternative which seems to be orchid bark. My problem with the cypress mulch is that...
  5. Sleppo

    First night in outdoor enclosure

    Hi all, My adult Russians are spending their first night outside tonight. The low temp here tonight is 67 degrees, is that too cold? They do have unheated night boxes and have already tucked themselves inside of them. Thanks!
  6. Sleppo

    New outdoor enclosure

    My husband built me an enclosure for my birthday. Still working on the top for the other side
  7. Sleppo

    Follow up on my "Concern over change in Poop" post - Russian was caught nesting this morning

    Good morning all, The tort I was posting about in the concern over change in poop post from June 5 was caught this morning nesting. I literally just found out she is female from that post after having her for years. I am now concerned that this is all related and hoping she is not gravid. The 2...
  8. Sleppo

    Redirected Aggression with boy littermates

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before. We live in a suburb of Philly which has a high population of feral cats. I try like hell to keep them away from my property but my alpha male cat has seen an intruder in his yard and is beating the crap out of his submissive litter...
  9. Sleppo

    Concern over change in poop

    Hi all, It's our favorite subject! I have 2 adult Russians (male and female not kept together!) both are kept in large open tort tables, indoors, and under the same exact conditions. They eat the same meals, soak the same amount of times, under the same temps, etc. This has been their life for...
  10. Sleppo

    Friendly reminder

    Hi all, Just a friendly reminder to never leave your tortoises outdoors unattended. I was outside gardening and took one of my adult Russians out for a bit to soak in the sun. ( they are housed indoors 24/7 until my outdoor enclosure is completed.) I wanted to run inside to refill my drink all...
  11. Sleppo

    Just wanted to share my family

    Here are my loves. Looking for the perfect rescue dog to complete us our dog passed in 2015 and we just now may be ready to adopt. My husband and I have decided to not have children but instead fill our home with animals that need help. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  12. Sleppo

    Doing a nail trim

    Hi all, I have 2 rather happy/large Russians that need a nail trim. I’d like to try to do this at home as the exotic vet they’ve seen tends to want to push unnecessary treatments every time I’ve visited. ( that’s a post for another day) does anyone have an tips on doing this? Should I use...
  13. Sleppo


    Hi all, I’m a tort Mom to 2 Russians and a slew of other pets. I’ve lurked this forum for awhile now and found it very helpful so I figured why not join! Glad to be apart of this community and interested in learning more so that I’m able to provide the best care. Here are Ike and Tina, don’t...