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  1. Yvonne G

    It's FALL in southern Florida. Storms coming.

    Batten down the hatches, guys, I hope you all stay safe.
  2. Yvonne G

    Who are the famous people you've met?

    Well, oh mighty moderator, you have the power. . . OPEN IT!!!
  3. Yvonne G

    Help (eyes swollen shut)

    The three small ones are figurines.
  4. Yvonne G

    Looking for a new home for my small Herman tortoise

    Because we are mainly a conversation forum, and not a classified ad forum, member must have participated in at least 100 posts before they can sell on the Forum.
  5. Yvonne G

    Male or Female Sulcata

    That tortoise is still too small to know for sure. All tortoises look female from hatch. When the start to go through sexual maturity, it goes by size, not age. Yours isn't big enough yet.
  6. Yvonne G


    WOW! Nice!!!
  7. Yvonne G

    It's FALL in southern Florida. Storms coming.

    I hope all of you in line with the storm remain safe!!!
  8. Yvonne G

    Outdoor heated tortoise house - hinges for heavy lid

    You can buy those pneumatic thingeys like what opens the back door on certain types of SUVs. Do a google search for pneumatic hinge
  9. Yvonne G

    Newbie testudo hermanni owner! Feedback please!!

    Welcome! What is that substrate? I'm not a fan of substrate that has little white particles in it. They should not be encouraged to eat their substrate. My choice is fir bark, small or fine grade.
  10. Yvonne G

    Herman tortoise

    Is he the type that brumates (hibernates)?
  11. Yvonne G


    They switched my meter out last year and installed a smart meter. I thought it was because I have solar.
  12. Yvonne G

    Russian Tort in Bad Shape

    This looks like a baby leopard tortoise.
  13. Yvonne G

    It's FALL in southern Florida. Storms coming.

  14. Yvonne G


    Will (my tortoise partner) set it up with a PVC coming from the bottom that I just have to tip down to the ground and it empties. I still have to use the shop vac to get what doesn't reach the drain. Then the time consuming part of filling each tub. I generally forget I'm doing this part and end...
  15. Yvonne G

    Replanting Tortoise Seeds

    Sounds like a plan!😉😉
  16. Yvonne G


    I've got the blahs today. Don't really feel like even going outside to take care of the critters. I was planning to change out the water in the water troughs housing the turtles, but that just sounds like too much work for me today.
  17. Yvonne G

    Help (eyes swollen shut)

    We have seen many, many tortoises with sore and inflamed eyes and doing a little detective work, have found that most of them were being housed under the compact fluorescent lights, the curly shaped bulb. Yours IS mounted correctly, that is, horizontally, however, it still may be too close to...
  18. Yvonne G

    Help (eyes swollen shut)

    The most common cause for a tortoise's eyes to be swollen shut is because he's stopped eating because he's not warm enough. Please tell us how this tortoise is set up - heat, lights, size of enclosure, substrate, what kind of food you offer and anything else you think would be helpful for us to...
  19. Yvonne G

    Plant ID!

    Looks like a type of aloe.
  20. Yvonne G

    Please help! (Ignorant about tortoise care, need help)