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  1. janevicki

    Fence advice for Black Mountain Tortoises please

    Well my lovely girls are 10 years young and I think are now big and bad *** enough to be without a lidded enclosure. I have them now fenced with cinder blocks stacked 2 high with a lid made with wood and 1/2x 1/2" wire mesh. So I will need to put a fence up for them to keep them from going into...
  2. janevicki

    My update on my girls MEPS.

    Here is a picture of my 2 Meps that I got from Vic Morgan in Oct 2012. They will be getting a new heated tortoise house and be able to free range the back grassy yard by where I have tall clumping bamboo. More pictures to come this weekend. The first is the 2020 and the second is when they where...
  3. janevicki

    Wanted: Male Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata

    Looking for a male Chinese box turtle, Cuora flavomarginata, if you know of anyone who has one, I would love to see if we can him breed with my two mature females. Thank you!
  4. janevicki

    Looking for a Male Chinese Box Turtle Cistoclemmys flavomarginata

    Please let me know if any one has a Male Chinese Box Turtles Cistoclemmys flavomarginata that they can sell or donate to me. Thank you.
  5. janevicki

    New Rubbermaid pond for turtle with DIY K1 media pond filter

    My turtle got really big. He needed a new bigger home. So instead of an aquarium, his home is now a 300 gal rubbermaid stock tank. Toddrick1 inspired me to make my own pond filter. Did some investigating and at the different types of DIY pond filters I could make. There was some DIY pond...
  6. janevicki

    Going to set up new pond in 300 gal rubbermaid tank- need filters and pump what do you suggest?

    Hello All ? So excited to redo the FRT tank. He has outgrown his old aquarium, and I wish to set up the 300 gal rubbermaid tank. I need a filter system, and maybe a new pump. Presently, I have an acrylic aquarium with a overflow system going into under cabinet sump that pumps back into the...
  7. janevicki

    What do you think about "Rubbermaid 300 gal. Stock Tank" to use as a pond for fish and fly river turtle?

    My FRT is getting huge and was going to rehome him with someone who would take good care of him as he is about15 years old and getting huge. However, I may just keep him as he is such a happy guy. What do you think these Rubbermaid 300 gal. Stock Tank For Livestock safe for turtles and fish? I...
  8. janevicki

    Free Apalone spinifera female approx 8 1/2" front to back of carpace

    Hello Turtle Lovers, I have posted this in the Turtle section but also want to post here too. I am fostering a spiney soft shell female, very beautiful specimen. Her shell and entire body is clean and no infections or scars. I am local to Anaheim CA, so we can meet somewhere around there...
  9. janevicki

    Free Apalone spinifera female approx 8 1/2" front to back of carpace

    Hello all Turtle lovers! I have a free Apalone spinifera, spiney soft shell turtle. I think she is female by the coloring of her shell. I am fostering her so she can be better cared for till she finds a better home. She is beautiful, looks great no infections or lacerations to her shell or...
  10. janevicki

    Rescued a red ear turtle and (I think) a soft shell turtle from dire circumstances. Would you give them a good home?

    Hello Turtle Friends! Long story short, my animal loving friend who is an active rescuer of dogs brought them to me. I could not just let them die. So I took them in. All I know is they where kept in terrible conditions. The owner got arrested, he is not coming home soon, and all his animals...
  11. janevicki

    14 year old Cuora Flavomarginata turtle finally may have fertile eggs!

    Hello All , I would like your help please by looking at the pictures of my Cuora Flavomarginata turtle eggs. She is 14 years old and her old Man is roughly 19 years old. (Not sure if that matters). I found the eggs on April 22 and could only been in the dirt for a day. I then moved them into a...
  12. janevicki

    Cuora Flavomarginata love story

    Hello All! I have been around for a long time, but have not posted much due to trying to make a living and taking care of all the rugrats. I finally have some time and can tell You All what has been going on with my beloved Cuora Flavomarginata turtles: 14 years ago I was fortunate to get two...
  13. janevicki

    Question about breeding age of Manouria emys phayrei

    Hello Everyone! Sorry if I'm asking a that is here in the forum, but I tried to search for it and came up with nothing. I am wondering what is the breeding age of Manouria emys phayrei? I have two 5 year old girls, and think it would be time for me to get a boy, but I'm not sure. They are...
  14. janevicki

    Look for Mr. Manouria Emys Phayrei (Burmese Black Mountain Dude)

    Hi There All! My two 5 year old girls would love a boy toy to play with. Would like the Mister to be around the same age as the girls, so everyone can play nice. Thank you for your help in advance. Please contact me at [email protected]
  15. janevicki

    Field of greens

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing well with summer here! Our Torts and Turts are getting bigger and the pens need to also increase in size for them to be happy and thrive. I am making new pens for all the Torts and Turts. The pens are all made from cement blocks and the tops are wood with 1/2"...
  16. janevicki

    Breeding Chinese Box turtles?

    My two captive bred female Chinese boxies are roughly 10 years old! (My has time flown by!) I may be getting a male Chinese boxie also. My question is can the girls be able breed at 10 years old? Thanks all!
  17. janevicki

    Are temps too low for Meps Living Outside in Anaheim, CA Area?

    I have two MEPs and every year brought them in for the winter. They are approx 4+ years old Vic Morgan's. They are bigger now and we built a plywood house with a keen tortoise mat in it. It has a separate thermostat gauge for the mat and a wireless temp gauge so I can check ambient temp inside...
  18. janevicki

    Looking for Mr. Cuora Flavomarginata

    I wish to adopt a male Cuora flavomarginata. I have two beautiful female Cuora flavomarginatas. They are about 8 years old or older, and I think it's time they get a boyfriend. Would love to get a male suitor for them. Does anyone have a lonely male that would like to be in love? We reside in...
  19. janevicki

    How to keep heated tortoise hut clean!

    Hi all, I have made a plywood house for my black mountain torts (MEPs from Victor Morgan 2012). I put in a kane heat mat hooked up to the hydrofarm thermostat. The torts love it. We live in So Cal so it's not that cold here but the MEPs go right back into their heated hut when they are done...
  20. janevicki

    How to grow moss in tub enclosure (having substrate issues)

    Hello All, Would like some advice on how to grow moss in my box hatchling tub enclosure. My boxie hatchlings are very tiny and they roam around their entire tub, sometimes they go in the water and then they walk around and have the coir/peat moss all over themselves I am hoping growing live...