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  1. AZtortMom

    Burmating my desert tort

    Good morning tort friends ? I hope everyone is well As many of you know, I rescued a Texas Desert tort. He was in rough shape, but is doing much better. My question is, should I burmate him since he is only 5 pounds and I have only had him a short time. I am thinking no, but I would lik some...
  2. AZtortMom

    New Desert Tort

    Good Morning Everyone! ? I hope this finds everyone well and safe. As you all know I have 4 torts that are non hibernating, so getting a DT is a completely new experience for me. This is Gracie. I'm guessing she is about 10 years old and I received her from a co worker, who received her from a...
  3. AZtortMom

    My 3 year isn't eating

    Hi guys, I'm really worried about Moe. She stopped eating yesterday and started making grunting noises. She has a heated closed chamber inside enclosure that stays at 85-90 degrees and 90 humidity at night. She goes outside during the day when temps are warm enough to graze on weeds and grass...
  4. AZtortMom

    Does this warrant a vet visit?

    I was getting ready to bring in Jay today and I noticed something on her face. It looks like her lower beak has split and overgrown a little. Any advice? Or does she need to see a Vet? She's eating normally and acting fine..
  5. AZtortMom

    This is what I do when Mom isn't looking ;)

    Shelly is getting big and feeling comfortable in her digs. So much she is starting on making a burrow
  6. AZtortMom

    Big sullies looking for new homes in Phoenix

    Hi everyone :D I have very limited info about these guys. There are 3 sullies. 1female, 2 males 1 male is is 130 pounds the other is 60 pounds the female is 50pounds Fred is the person to call 602-799-1990 Thanks guys [GRINNING FACE WITH SMILING EYES][TURTLE]
  7. AZtortMom

    Mom! Do I have to get up? It's only 1130!

    Totally spoiled rotten :) I thought you guys would enjoy these
  8. AZtortMom

    Babies enjoying the nice weather

    I just wanted to share pics of the Moe and Jay enjoying the nice AZ weather :D this last pic is Shelly being very shy while she sunbathing
  9. AZtortMom

    Finally finished!

    After being under construction for 6 weeks, the indoor enclosure is finished! It turned into a double decker. Lights are still being installed in the bottom section and handles for the plexiglass lids on top.
  10. AZtortMom

    Looking for a home for two injured Sullies in AZ

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some help for a friend who is looking to place two of her juvenile sullies after her dog mauled both of them. The have seen a vet and have received medical attention and need to be kept inside for 2 months while healing because of the damage to their shells. These...
  11. AZtortMom

    I can't understand why Mom is laughing at me

    Happy Monday!
  12. AZtortMom

    Does this moss make my butt look big??

  13. AZtortMom

    I think I can fly! :p

    I couldn't help myself [FACE SAVOURING DELICIOUS FOOD] this is the first time I was able to sneak up on Shelly and catch her in full "Superman" mode. I just hade to share [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]
  14. AZtortMom

    I love my spot!

    Moe totally showing up Sheldon on who has a better spot!
  15. AZtortMom

    Shelly has officially gone missing from Phoenix AZ

    With a heavy heart I have to report Shelly is missing. She was in the day pen with her other Tort mates which are bigger. We went to bring them in and she was gone. We have been looking for since. She is about 16 months and a Sulley. Our closest cross streets are Van Bruen and 28th st. My...
  16. AZtortMom

    Hi everyone ID please

    My niece got this baby can you guys help me ID this little guy? I'm not good enough to ID other breeds thanks everyone [SMILING FACE WITH OPEN MOUTH AND SMILING EYES] Life is good
  17. AZtortMom

    Miss Shelly...

    Shelly enjoying breakfast in her new enclosure :) Life is good
  18. AZtortMom

    AAAHH! Love my soak!

    Moe supermaning in the sink during his daily soak :) Life is good
  19. AZtortMom

    Early day stroll in the great outdoors :)

    Moe and Jay enjoying their time in their outdoor enclosure :) Life is good