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    Outdoor, recommendations

    Okay, this year I am choosing, to make a outdoor pin for my girl, years past I used a plastic play yard, for humen babies, however she's now big enough, to push under this so it's no longer a safe option, she is not left alone outside, because my area isn't secured, to many Hawks, and coyote...
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    Succulent, I'd?

    I got these from my daughter, my question, what are they, they don't say the plant name on the tags only mini succulent, and are they safe to feed to my redfoot, I know I will need to plant them in new organic soil, and there really to small right now so , after they grow for a while, and get...
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    Lemon balm,

    When I was out setting up my summer day encloser, I have to set it up every summer, Winter seems to be hard on my yard, I noticed some lemon balm growing in the area, I love lemon balm, it's amazing herb, however I have this and peppermint growing near the area, so before I put all of it out...
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    What do you think about these items,

    Okay, after I brought bad substrate, at a local small retailer,(it was infested with a type of bot flies) I received a gift of different , tortoises items, note I received more than what I am posting about , however the other things , I used or didn't and gave the stuff I couldn't use away , and...
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    Egg laying

    Okay I know this is kinda of a dumb question, but I honestly am getting worried, my girl is between 11-14, ( pet store tort) and yes she is female, vet checked, when should I worry if she hasn't layed any eggs, I was told they do this even with out a male, I am concerned about egg impactment...
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    Hello from Michigan

    I am new to the Forum, have been a parent of a shell baby for about ten years, i have a very bossy, redfooted tort, and very spoiled she is about 10 years old, maybe older or a little younger, not sure her age because she came from a large box pet supply store, please note, the pymids came with...