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    Hi I have visited a new vet today to deworm my Russian tortoise Rufin. Did you ever heard/used febantel???? Lady gave me a tablet of this stuff to give at home. She didn’t ask about his appetite, poop or health so she hadn’t had a clue on what she’s doing (Honestly I just wanted a dewormer...
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    Leopard vs. Worm meds :(

    I will start from today's score 1 for Leo and 0 for meds :(. Mine Ernie is just too strong. I was at the Vets today and got him 3 daily doses of deworming meds. For some time I have guessed that I will probably not be able to open his mouth and today I found out that it is almost impossible...
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    Teabag pillow

    My Rufin and his herb bath. He actually felt a sleep there;)
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    Nini helping in the garden

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    Hi Friday last week I noticed my Russian Tort Rufin has a swollen neck. Due his ninja climbing skills I gave myself time till monday to see If the swelling will go away. It didn't so I took him to the Vet's office today to see what I'm dealing with. Vet took an x-ray and diagnosed Rufin with gout.
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    New home

    Hi all I just move to a new house with my two torts - Russian and a Leopard. Russian seems a ok but Nini the leopard one has issues. He stays in his hide all the time and eats just a bit (house still in renovation - drilling, painting and other stuff going on). Torts are in one room that is...