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    Please help!!! (respiratory infection?)

    So my aunt wanted me to take care of her Tortoise and it was sick.So i contacted a friend and he told me to get natural science vitamin c and told me to separate the tortoises so the sick tortoise has bubbles coming out of its mouth and a runny nose and sometimes teary eyes so i decided to soak...
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    Help me please!! (nose bubbles)

    So my tortoise is blowing bubbles from his nose and he keeps scratching his nose and now there is a little white thing on my tortoise noise and he keeps making noises like he is trying to blow his nose
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    Help me please!!! (runny nose)

    Hi so i have a perfectly healthy tortoise here then i got another one which was sick and it stayed for a couple of weeks then i returned it (the sick turtle had a runny nose and blowing bubbles from its nose) and few days later my healthy tortoise began having a runny nose and keeps rubbing his...
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    Please help me (eyes closed, not eating)

    So i bought 2 tortoises and one of em is healthy and the other one is just mot eating well and i never saw him eat but lately he had problems with like opening his eyes so I soaked him in warm water and he opened his eyes and now i see like stuff on his tail its just i cant take him to the vet i...