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  1. Rebs

    Help Brumating in Los Angeles

    Hi. I need help. We have two desert tortoises, Lance and Gwennie, in Highland Park, Los Angeles. They came with our house and for the five years we've been here they have successfully brumated in a burrow they dug - it even worked through El Nino - the tortoises placed it at the top of a slight...
  2. Rebs

    Desert Tortoise Wake-up Date Survey!

    Hi! I have two California desert tortoises. I'm taking a Geographic Information Systems class at Pasadena City College and for an assignment can make a map using any data I want. I thought it would be cool to make a map of what date everyone's tortoises woke up and see if there's a pattern based...
  3. Rebs

    New to Tortoises. Meet these two.

    My husband and I moved into a house in Los Angeles last October and it came with two tortoises. A few days before we moved in they went into brumation. They came out last week! We don't know their ages, sexes or names. No one seems to know their backstory. They eat the grass in the yard and are...