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  1. J

    Traveling with my tortoise and turtle?

    It is still too soon to tell if we are gonna leave for the on coming hurricane. But if we decide to leave my baby sulcata and my red eared slider are coming as well. I'm not to worried about Bruno (adult res male) he is pretty tough and I am certain he will travel well. My concern is the baby...
  2. J

    How much should a 3 inch sulcata weigh?

    My sulcata is 3 inches and weighs 130grams. Just wondering if this is in the normal range.
  3. J

    Cleaning beak?

    ok this sounds dumb I know, but does anyone clean their tortoise's beak. My sulcata has a green beak most of the time from constantly eating. He is soaked every day which washes most of it away. Just wondering if I should be taking any measures to clean him up? Any tips
  4. J

    Skipping morning feeding?

    On the mornings I'm off I always take my baby sulcata out for a few hours for some morning sun. I have a routine where I soak him for about an half hr while I'm feeding every thing else. Then he eats and it is outside he goes. I noticed yesterday he was chomping down on some grass, which is...
  5. J

    Sulcata diet question.

    hi everyone, I feed my baby sulcata. Organic spring mix, collards, mustard greens, grass clippings, clover, a variety of weeds, muscadine grape leaves. He eats well but I'm concerned because he will not eat the commercial pellet foods. I have mazuri pellets along with a bag of tortoise pellets...
  6. J

    Baby sulcata outside enclosure.

    Hi all. I built an outdoor enclosure for my baby sulcata. It is 4'x8', and portable. I placed it in the yard that gets full sun to get the morning sun before it gets too hot. I know natural sunlight is best for them, but I don't want him to over heat when it gets hot. I have shade provided and...
  7. J

    Can baby Sulcata tortoise eat centipede grass?

    My little guy has a healthy appetite, I want to take him outside for some sun tomorrow. I have clover and centipede grass in the yard, no pesticides or chemicals. If he goes to munching on the grass is it safe? I know grass is their main diet, I don't know if all grasses are made equal. Thank you
  8. J

    New guy

    Hi all, my name is Jay. I'm the proud new owner of a baby sulcata tortoise. I've been around reptiles my whole life, but this is my first tortoise. I wanted to join this forum to gain knowledge from the experienced keepers in the hobby.