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  1. moswen

    Brainstorming on outdoor enclosure design - how to keep up humidity

    Yes, tortoises know what they need and they will look for it. If you pay attention they will "tell" you things by just such behavior; if they spend a majority of their time in the humid section they need more water/humidity, if they're never over there you could cut back on how humid you're...
  2. moswen

    Outdoor Wood Enclosure?

    You can get exterior grade, not pressure treated, that will last a little while longer than regular interior grade wood. Paint or stain and sealer/finisher is always a big help too though.
  3. moswen

    Christmas sale on mvbs again this year?

    Hey everyone, does anyone know of a sale on mvbs again this year? I can't remember who was having the sale last year but they were like 30% off or something... Thanks for any info!
  4. moswen

    Sulcata doesn't like soaking

    It just depends on the persoNality of your tort. 5 of my torties absolutely LOVE bath time, they stretch out and bask in the warm water under the warm bulb and just soak it all in... But Ayana, my smallest sulcata, and lemon, my smallest spider, just want to get to the food... I soak all my...
  5. moswen

    Mos farted in the tub this morning

    Hey guys! How is everyone? I know it's been SO LONG since I have been an active participant here on tfo, I miss it, and I need the information that I gain from it! but, I didn't get on to say "I'm back," sorry... Still super busy, but something so gross/funny happened this morning that I have to...
  6. moswen

    Can I post that I want plants here? Winter hardy hibiscus

    Sorry guys, don't know if I can post plants here or not. I want a few winter hardy hibiscus if I could get some. Seeds or small plants, any color, I'm not picky. The only thing I require is that they be cheap! I'm annoyed with paying $30 for one plant that won't last thru winter and I can't even...
  7. moswen

    I think we may be lucky

    I know thanks guys! I live close to Tulsa. And we just ordered a bunch of screening evergreen trees and hedges (the house is right off the road) from burgess (they don't give you a guarantee ship date bc they guarantee their plants), so I REALLY hope they ship them in time for us to plant them...
  8. moswen

    I think we may be lucky

    How lucky are we!!! We have just moved to our new house on 5 acres and we have a "resident" adult female ornate box turtle! We named her Tammy, but we really just call her "momma." anyways, we've seen her for several days now, can anyone tell me why she's hanging around? Also... We added to our...
  9. moswen

    New sulcata and spider indoor enclosures!

    Hey everyone! I've missed my forum. Well, we have moved!!! This house is a total fixer-upper, starting very unexpectedly with the ROOF!!!... so there goes our "new flooring and upstairs bathroom remodel" money... Anyways, I've been working my tail off painting, moving, cleaning, and unpacking...
  10. moswen

    Tortoises all dead, trader joes cucumbers poisoned them

    Oh that is just horrible! I'm so sorry for your loss... However I do want to just throw this out there, if your cdts were already sickly, you don't think it could be coincidence that they died the same day you fed the cucumber? Tortoises are very hardy creatures and it (usually) does take them...
  11. moswen

    Worried about Sulcata tort

    it could be the substrate like the others said, i don't personally know of any diseases or illnesses that cause green skin (but that doesn't mean a whole lot coming from my own personal knowledge bank haha!!!) but i did notice 2 other things about your baby: it looks like he/she has been kept...
  12. moswen

    photobucket down?

    i haven't been able to get on my photobucket for a few days... i thought it was my app but when i just got on the computer to check it out its still not working....? is it my account or is photobucket down?
  13. moswen

    Look what I found in my yard today!

    ....lucky!!!! all i ever find in my back yard is dog poop.
  14. moswen

    Hypo Green Day's Grindage

    oh, her face is so pretty in the last picture!
  15. moswen

    Humidity confusion

    hello! the others are right on, but your temps may not even be the problem: did your tort come with the ri? or get it less than a day after you recieved it? the tort could have gotten into a humid and cold condition during shipping, so make sure you look at all the angles before you start...
  16. moswen

    Funny.... NOTHING gets between Dr. P and his mango

    So I accidentally dumped a gallon of calcium powder on the spider tort's mangoes, and in between the time I put the lid on the calcium powder and went back to the fridge to get some new mangos, I come back to this: Oh no they taste fine mom! Don't even worry about it. See? I always eat...
  17. moswen

    Pics of safina and her guilty pleasure...

    Lol, you mean in the last pic? It's grass. I don't know what type though bc it's just all a little packet of mixed seeds for sulcatas.
  18. moswen

    Pics of safina and her guilty pleasure...

    Yes, thank you Isa I have read that. I think what a lot of people don't understand is that torts are born with all the knowledge and instincts they need to survive. I feed avocado (in moderation of corse) and they all dig it. They would have the instincts or know the smell of a plant that Could...
  19. moswen

    Pics of safina and her guilty pleasure...

    First, we catch her in the act: face deep in avocado. Then, just some cute pics of her: And this has always been one of my favorites, it's from last summer: And probably one of my first pics of her: Isn't she just a doll? I decided to post all about fina bc Mos is the...
  20. moswen

    2 heads, 5 legs and it's a Sulcata

    I know it's a bit late to be posting on this thread lol, but I feel like that article was very under-represented (is that a word lol?) it gives no scientific information on how this could happen, background info on incubation, hatch-mates, parents, any other deformities that did or did not occur...