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    Two Adult Female Leopard Tortoises Rehome

    I am located in Phoenix, Arizona and am in a situation where I will probably need to re-home my two female leopard tortoises. They are 6-ish years old and one of them laid 3 clutches of eggs this year that are currently incubating. The tortoise who laid the clutches is exceptionally beautiful...
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    What You'll Need to Build A Night Box

    Hi Tom, I just wanted to thank you for your incredible generosity in sharing your design, information, and answering questions. I'm in the process of putting together my tortoise house and your posts have been such a huge help. I'm really grateful! I had searched all over the internet before I...
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    My Best Night Box Design Yet

    I can't see the pictures so can't visualize the "water shelves" idea here. But, I am always considering humidity with my leopards and am curious about what this looks like in your house set up?
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    My Best Night Box Design Yet

    Why are all the pictures not available? Such a bummer! It sounds amazing!