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    November 30th birthdays

    Hiya Redfoot Matt! :) Well here's hoping you had a superb day & did everything you wanted and nothing you should, lol :D I noted you did not say your year of birth... so are you an old Booger or a Young Pup? :rolleyes: You also live in Cali, so we have another thing in common too; at least...
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    November 30th birthdays

    Awwww, you guys are the bestest!! Thanx so much Yvonne for remembering and you gave me the most beautiful purpod wishes! :cool: ~ and to everyone who wished me a fine day, you can be sure to know it has been! Been busy getting my son off to college in New Mexico & getting Boog situated in a...
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    Uva or Uvb whats the difference do i need both???

    Greetings Mr. Blue ~ Altho I have not read all of the answers in this post to your questions, I thought I might share this newly released info that I found in Reptiles Magazine: It covers many different...
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    One care sheet to rule them all?

    Maggie brings up a good point about the parasites; an inexperienced tort keeper may not have caught that the sullie starting "acting not just right"... Also, I know my leopards like the heat turned up, so altho 80F would do, it would not be ideal... Lots of good thoughts going around ~...
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    One care sheet to rule them all?

    Good posting, Chairman Mike ~ :cool:
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    Lenne's Bath Time

    Greetings, Myssie You know, my juveniles race around in the bath when they are in the sink, but when I put them outside, I always set them down in their "pond", and walk away... it's then that they take their time, drinking & just lounging for a moment before they are off to chow upon...
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    having a issue with a hatchling losing weight... look at measurements please

    Hiya Queen ~ Well, has she been checked for internal worms? I know she is with others who are not losing weight, but perhaps in an outdoor excursion, she came across some kind of buglie which is taking her nutrients from her? That, of course, is only my humble guess. I'd be worried if it...
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    One care sheet to rule them all?

    Salutations ~ Yes, indeed, including things such as what has been mentioned is sure to make even a novice tort or turt owner better prepared & equipped to create an environment where thriving is not just an option, but a reality. Good luck with it, Purpod
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    One care sheet to rule them all?

    Indeed, Terry, I literally flew to the bank to grab the cash, lol! It was slightly used, but a good bleach water washing & much rinsing made the enclosure just like new (not that is was filthy or anything, but you know what I mean) ~ So there are some deals out there if one looks & acts...
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    Just~a Jr. Cherry..Saying hello!

    Adorable! Be Well, Purpod
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    5/24/10 birthday

    Just adding my Happiest of B-Day Wishes as well ~ Enjoy! :P Purpod
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    One care sheet to rule them all?

    Greetings Mark, You may want to mention that there are aquariums made specifically for tort's, that are low (avoiding the stuffiness) and large (allowing for a more significant base size than a regular aquarium). I have a "bedroom" for my tort's that sits atop my entertainment center &...
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    cactus pad

    Salutations ~ Since all of my tort's are age 4 & under, I, too, cut cactus pads into strips ~ I also cut my prickly pears into wedges, to make it easier for my sweeethearts to get a better bite. Take care, Purpod
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    help with humidity

    Hiya Mighty Clyde ~ Glad to find that you were able to get a good answer on the humidity issue. Thanx for passing on the answer you received. You know, I had never given consideration to humidity when I got my first Leopard (about 20 years ago). We moved from So Cal to North Carolina...
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    New Addition

    Good Day Traveller ~ Spot is gorgeous! ~ lol, no wonder everyone is falling in love with your new family member! I've tried to upload two pics, to show you the difference between my male & my femur, but can only seem to upload a link to them (I get red X's when I try to do the pic... being...
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    throat looks like a frog??

    Greetings, Destiny ~ You might wanna just give your vet a call, describing the 'bull frog effect' & providing additional info, then see what they have to say... you noted she's active, but you didn't mention if she's eating well, or the temp's she's been in..? Has she ever shown this...
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    SONshine hatchling group...

    Nice pic's, Nerd ~ Congrats on the strong looking hatchlings you have! Be well, Purpod
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    Hiya Yvonne ~ Nice pic's; I've had a soft spot in my heart for boxies ever since I lived in NC & they were roaming out & about everywhere's... It 'prolly shouldn't, & yet it always does, blow my mind that peeps think iceberg lettuce is a good thing to feed tort's. I remember when I was...
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    Speaker Dave Friend at CTTC - Woodland Hills

    Salutations, Bud! You know, I have/had every intention of going, but thus far today, my old body is in a state of protest & I'm not sure now if I'll be up to it :( Sux getting old! And sure, no problem for the posting; I had spoken with Jennifer via email regarding the meeting last month...
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    Sulcata Presentation Friday 4-16-10

    RE: Sulcata Presentation Hiya Kevin ~ You know, I'm not sure if anyone will be recording such, but what a fantastic idea! Actually, if you contact Jennifer at: "Jennifer Franklin" <[email protected]>, you can always pose the question to her. (I'm just a member of the Woodland Hills...