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  1. pugsandkids

    Smart thermostat?

    Hi all, I know this is a common question, but I've spent a fair amount of time using the search function and cannot find the answer I'm looking for. Sarges outdoor thermostat died and I want to replace it with a really good one. One that will have an app function with alarms if somethings...
  2. pugsandkids

    Prettiest seed mix?

    Hey all, With Sarge being outside year round now I'm looking at different grass seed mixes. He's always going to be supplemented with hay, Mazuri, veggies all that good stuff. So I'm not overly concerned about nutrient breakdowns in the various mixes. What I'm wondering about is what mix would...
  3. pugsandkids

    Rear leg sores/scute trim?

    Tank has been outside all summer and loving it, she’s growing and getting bolder too! I haven’t been picking her up and checking her over all that often. Now the temps are dropping and she’s coming back into the house each night. I noticed today that the dark spots on the back of her rear legs...
  4. pugsandkids

    First night with heater on

    Sarge spent the night with his heater on last night. I’ve been tweaking things here and there, getting it just right. He’s all warm and cozy as I post this morning. I didn’t sleep well at all though! We are in Southern Oregon, our area seems to be spontaneously combusting on a daily basis, I’m...
  5. pugsandkids

    Purchasing outdoor houses

    The big guys house is done! However there’s no way I’m getting another tort house out of hubby this year. We are running into high school soccer season, and home improvement projects that just can’t wait any longer. I’d really love to have my smaller sully and my Russian outside year round...
  6. pugsandkids

    Finally! Tort barn almost complete

    Hi guys, I’m Sarah, only a few will remember me but I’ve been a member of TFO for awhile now. I have two sullys and one russian. My first sully is stunted from poor growth her first few years (before she came to me) so she’s not too hard to house. However I took in a large rescue two years ago...
  7. pugsandkids

    A little adventure

    I got some mountain time earlier this week! I could do this every day and never be tired of it.
  8. pugsandkids

    When your mom is crazy

    Here is my oldest son getting to know the new guy Sarge. Ethann lives about four hours away and hadn't met him yet. I got a lot "Oh geez mom"
  9. pugsandkids

    Planter walls?

    I'm going to be honest here, we brought Sarge home full of plans and ideas and motivation to put together the perfect outside enclosure. But it was also soccer season, and band season, and the pouring down rain we have time! (He's been outside lots I promise, it's just not perfect)...
  10. pugsandkids

    Not interested today

    This is what happens when you are a naughty tortoise and don't eat. It'll get served to you the next day Tank (sm sully) ate like a champ today, but neither Oscar (Russian) nor Sarge (lg sully) were interested. Could it be a weather thing?
  11. pugsandkids

    Suns out Torts out

    I got home and realized it was still sunny out, so I brought the kids out to play! This first one is Tank our "mini Sulcata" kept too cold for the first 3 yrs of her life, and who knows what else was done wrong. She's tripled in size since I got her 3 or 4 years ago. And of course Sarge our new...
  12. pugsandkids

    Winter soaking

    How often do you soak your larger torts in the winter?
  13. pugsandkids

    Rottweiler lovers?

    When I was last active on the forum I had just gotten a Rottweiler puppy. He's grown into a gorgeous 3 year old, and we have so fallen for him and the breed that we rescued a female last year. I'm curious if we have any other Rottie fans?
  14. pugsandkids

    Cacti from Vegas!

    I was in Vegas last week visiting family. Imagine how excited I was when my Aunt presented me with cacti from her own yard to bring home. I've gotten them potted (in our PNW typhoon ) and am wondering how to go about feeding them to the torts. Do I cut a pad in half? Only pull full pads? Just...
  15. pugsandkids

    Indoor large sully accommodations

    Okay, we've taken in a 35lb sully. His outside space is a fabulously, organic, overgrown corner of our yard, bordered by retaining walls. He's eating great, passing urates and feces regularly, and is surprisingly social considering that he was found abandoned in a foreclosed house. While we have...
  16. pugsandkids

    Old member, new tortoise

    Hi all, I don't know if anyone will remember me, it's been a while! I have had a Russian tort, and a Sulcata for a while now. (Both Craigslist finds ) Both are happy and doing well. Tank my sully is still on the small side (stunted from poor care in the beginning) but is growing! The opportunity...
  17. pugsandkids

    Water Hyacinths

    Today I built a make shift area behind our pond. The sun is shining (but not on the tort yard) and Tank is restless. Hubby has tossed a bunch of water hyacinths into the area. I moved them, Tortoise Table says they are safe, but it specifically notes for water turtles. Any thoughts? Here's the...
  18. pugsandkids

    Koi Pox

    Has anyone had experience with this? 2 of my 5, both the gold ones, have it. They are large, eating well, and even came up to eat out of my hand today! From what I'm reading this is very similar to shingles (Herpes) virus in people. Most carry it, the cooler water suppresses the immune system...
  19. pugsandkids

    Torts in the winter

    I had been hoping to have a barn, with stalls and individual corrals for the boys to lounge in this winter. (Yup, old cowgirl!) We got the pond finished, but not the barn. So I'm hoping to improve on the boys Tupperware box winter homes from last year. Show me how you do it!
  20. pugsandkids

    Tanks mode of transport

    I wear scrubs at work, Tank is the perfect fit for a scrub pocket! Makes it easier to get him outside after work ;-)