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    how to get through canada?

    O.K. need some help please!! I hope someone can answer this cause i am sooo confused! o.k. heres the problem. We are going back to california. we live in Alaska. How do i get my little russian tortoise through Canada? They run you in circles telling us to call this person and call that...
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    fruit or not?

    O.K.... so I got this absolutly wonderful little russian about 2 months ago. Hes doing fantastic. But i am confused. right now his diet consists of greens only. I mix it up like i am supposed to. He likes that. But In one place i am told this species cannot have fruit, yet other places say its...
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    paceing back and forth

    So my new guy, ( had for a week now) id a good little guy. eats well sleeps well active and is regular with his " buisness". But he is starting to pace. His housing needs to be bigger, this i know, its a temp thing untill i decide what i want for him. I know that they need space, will he...
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    carrots safe?

    I heard that a carrot is good for a russian to chew on to keep his beak trimmed.. is this true? also is a cuttle bone safe? That would also trim his beak as well as give him calcium.
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    once agian.. a hibernation question..

    Been awhile, last time i was here i had a red foot.. sadly i had to come to alaska and had to re home him. He now lives happily in Florida. However.. I have obtained a nice little russian. And altho everything i have read , they seem to be an easier keeper than Bert was. But... Does my little...
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    do all box turtles have to hybernate?

    I was just wondering if all box turtles hybernate? I see many diffrent species, does it hurt to not let them hybernate?
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    smallest tort?

    so i was just courious, what is the smallest tortoise? or would it be a box turtle? and does it hybernate? or have to? i have seen the real big ones, now i am curious about the little guys.
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    o.m.g. a positive about pet co!

    I have been watching the pet co lately in town. ( i live about 45 miles out of town) but i gotta say, things HAVE changed there for the torts! they are still in a small tank, but, they have a nice moist sunbstrate now and its deep enough for them to actually burrow down into! I havent seen...
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    hand warmers...

    So Bert will be embarking on his adventure to his new home next week. But i dont know If i should use a hand warmer or not. He will be in a box, in a pillow case then have packing peanuts on top. then that box will go into another box, agian filled with packing peanuts. ( i am really stressing...
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    just an observation....

    seems as though tortoise are like pastachios, you cant have just one! I am courious, what do you do with them when they all grow up and get so big? they are cute as a button as little babies and just so cool when they grow up. But so many folks out there have sooo many. so, what do you do...
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    how to ship Bert?

    So, Bert has found a great new home in Florida. I am very happy about this and will be a bit jelous when I am freezing my butt off in Alaska. But hey, He is the important one. Now i have seen a couple sites on shipping, but am a little confused about one thing. One says to put him in a pillow...
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    what a diffrence!

    so with the colder weather now setting in, Bert has become a little slower. I was having the hardest time keeping temps up! poor guy was under the heat lamp all day. I felt like such a bad mamma! But we fixed that problem. I got a good oil heater and a new warm mist humidifyer. Holy cow its...
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    going outside on cool days

    today the temps will get up to 60. Is it o.k. to take Bert 0ut of his 80* 70% humid room and go outside for a bit of exorcise? Or would that be too much of a shock for him? As usual he hasnt pooped in his box all week even though he has been getting warm soaks and today was friut day. But he...
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    sneaky Bert!!

    so, i always hear stories about how sneaky these guys & girls can be. And bert tried pulling a fast one. I think sometimes they do it on purpose. Bert had a nice warm soak thismorning, then proceeded to munch down breakfast. All was well so i went to have my breakfast. afterward before...
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    and yet another learning expirence!

    O.K. temps have really dropped. today its only about 50 for the high. I have been haveing issues trying to keep temps up for bert. I cant use the humidifyer at this moment casue it seems to make it even cooler. I cant run the heater all day. So he has been staying under his heat lamp all day...
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    WC, or CB. how do you know?

    I have often wonderd if bert was wc or cb. I have my suspisions(? some days i just cant spell) about Bert. I did not get him from pet co, I got him from an actual reptile place. He was in a pen with a russian and a leapord tort. My question, how can you tell if not getting one from an actual...
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    Made the final decision about Bert

    Well, I decided i cannot take Bert with me to alaska. But As much as it hurts, I also know its the right decision. I just cant risk his health. We would be driving in the middle of winter. Depending on weather it may take as long as 5-7 days to get there. I would feel bad for him. He needs to...
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    Battle of wills?

    O.k. so Its been too cool out to take bert outside. He has been house bound for 4 days. and hasnt gone poop in 4 days! I soaked him this morning and nothing. (he has never gone to the bathroom when i soak him). I am now giving him greens only, no veggies and no fruit in hopes a bland diet will...
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    food for Red footed torts

    awhile ago i found a great list of foods for dessert dwelling type of torts,greeks and russians. But i was wondering if any other r.f. owners had a list of foods they feed. I dont know if the list i have would also be good for my r.f.
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    hours of usuing the uv light?

    I have been told that R.F. dont need The U.V. lite like some of the other breeds. I have been leaving Mine on for bert for about 6-8 hours a day. He likes to sleep there durring the day for awhile, then later he moves away from it and finishes takeing his naps over on the other side. I...