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    Thoughts on Mazuri tortoise diet ls?

    My sulcata is 1 years old. He gets calcium once a week. When he gets his calcium I give him some mazuri pellets to mix with the calcium. I’ve heard many different opinions on this. Please let me know. If it isn’t the best for them, what should I replace it with? He doesn’t like to eat his...
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    What is your weekly feeding routine for your young sulcata?

    Please don’t comment the articles to read about a care guide. I feel like anytime I post I don’t get answers just the “read the care sheet”. I’m just curious what y’all feed on a weekly basis. My sulcata is one years old. Gets grass everyday. Pellets with calcium once a week. Trying to see when...
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    My one year old sulcata is still half the size of the palm of my hand.

    I do everything right I believe. Uvb light, basking light, ceramic heat lamp, pellets once a week with calcium, daily soak, unlimited grass. Has no sign of pyramiding so that’s good. I posted on Facebook and someone said he might be a failure to thrive. I don’t know what that means? He seems...
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    How much calcium for a 8 month old sulcata

    How often do I give it to him and how much? Normally I give him a sprinkle of calcium twice a week.
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    What should be included in an emergency kit?

    It’s almost hurricane season. I live right on the coast so I’m nervous about power going out. I live in a condo so I’m sure it’ll go out. I have hand warmers. But that was for winter, if the power went out.
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    Is this good grass for my baby sulcata?

    I have no luck growing grass. I have no grass outside that I trust. So I bought this for my sulcata
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    My sulcata always seems hungry

    He’s is always walking back and forth. He eats some hay but not much. I feed him veggies once a week and 1 pellet 2 times a week on calcium days. I can’t get him grass because I don’t trust the one outside my house. I tried growing it but it never goes well. My sulcata is about 6 months
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    My sulcata ate some pothos will he be okay?

    I didn’t know they were poisonous. I feel so bad. He’s small, 6 months old. Ate a couple big bites of it. Please tell me he’ll be okay.
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    What’re the best light fixtures?

    I have a 100 watts basking light and ceramic heat lamp. What fixtures should I get?
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    Are fake plants a bad idea?

    I was thinking instead of using wallpaper I was going to cover the enclosure walls with fake plants. But I’m not sure if mine will eat it since their green. Don’t want to block him up.
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    How to put lights inside enclosure?

    Just curious? I have a 40 gallon zoo med open front enclosure
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    How to spice up enclosure?

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    Best way to give sulcata calcium?

    I try putting in his pellets that he likes. He only gets them on calcium days. But he always leaves a lot of it. I tried mixing it with greens and grass he want even touch it.
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    Lamps aren’t getting hot enough

    I just moved my baby sulcata to a 40 breeder. This is definitely not permanent and will be for maybe a year or two. His basking is only getting to 78° and the ceramic heat is at 88°. What can I do? I guess it’s like this since the lid is pretty high.
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    My 5 month old digs nonstop. Does that mean anything?

    I just assumed they dug when they were older. I didn’t know they like to dig at such a young age. Does that mean his enclosure is too hot?
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    How to keep humidity up in tortoise table?

    I didn’t know until after I bought it that people don’t recommend it for babies. I didn’t like him In a tank. But a tank definitely was easier with humidity. I’m on a tight budget and will have to get another enclosure in a couple of weeks.
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    How to feed baby sulcata grass? He want touch hay.

    Idk what to do. He only eats pellets and I don’t like that. He’s 5 months old. I don’t have space to grow my grass and I don’t have a backyard with grass. I plan on moving in the near future and he’ll have his own backyard. But in the meantime, idk what to do. I’m scared to feed him random grass...
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    Humidity and weeds

    How do they get respiratory infections? I don’t want to get a fogger and give my 5 month old sulcata a respiratory infection. But I’ve seen many have success with them. He’s in a tortoise table. I know some don’t like tortoise tables but that’s what’s working for us. I bought him a couple of...
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    How much veggies to give 5 month old sulcata? And what to feed him?

    I know people say to feed them veggies everyday. But how much? He is only 5 months old. He eats mazuri and grass
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    Can you convert a regular humidifier into a reptile fogger?

    I’m trying to save money and all of the fogger are so expensive. I was just going to get a used humidifier and concert it if that was possible. If so how?