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  1. thatkiidsean


    Hey guys, I am wondering for a RFT what would I use as a heat source, would I need a gay time bulb and a basking bulb? How many watts? What about UVA? I am so confused. Can someone please help me, Also What is the best brand of calcium and vitamin power to put on their food for them to absorb...
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    Hey guys! Sorry for posting so much lately -- I am close to getting my tortoise, and I want to make sure I have everything! I plan to get Mazuri, but how much should I give my tortoise, and do I have to soften it with water or give the tortoise the pellets? What happens if the tortoise does...
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    Hello everyone! I know I've asked this question before, but I never got a straightforward answer: Since RFT need to be in a humid environment, I plan to put in live plants in his enclosure, but watering the plants & misting to keep the enclosure humid would attract little bugs in my area. How...
  4. thatkiidsean

    Tortoise Toys

    Hey guys! I know I've been posting a lot on here lately, but I was wondering: would a tortoise, specifically a RFT, have any objects it would like to play with, such as a cuttle bone or anything to keep him from getting bored? Thank you!
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    Hey guys, I am getting a Red Foot Tortoise and I am wondering since the humidity has to be kept at a certain level and I plan on using cocoir fiber and repti bark but I am scared that little bus will also make it its home if that is true how do I prevent them and how do I get rid of them? Ill...
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    Do any of you guys have any experience with Dr. Fosters and Smith? I ordered them for salt water tank and I have ok experience with them but I don't know how I would like it for reptile stuff any suggestions?
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    Hey guys, I went to Petsmart for the bulbs for my soon to be RF and I am wondering what lights I should get, What I priced and looked at was m Exo Terra Vision Lamp 26 w $$25.99 All Things Living 75 w $8.99 ( I think this was the basking bulb not too sure I didnt write that down Exoterra 60w...
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    Supply List

    Hey guys, I went to PetSmart today to look at some tortoise supplies. I plan on getting a red foot tortoise just trying to figure out thr right stuff to get. I priced the following and hoping you can tell me if this is right what i am missing or could get rid off. I have to check Petco and my...
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    hermit crabs?

    Good evening everyone! I was wondering do any of you guys have any Hermit crabs with there RFT? I was reading that they can be very beneficial but would it hurt the tortoise? and whats the tort:crab ratio? also what would also b good too add to the ssubstrate? thanks! Sean Kennedy
  10. thatkiidsean

    Question switching from sulcata to red footed

    Hey everybody after doing a bunch of research I found that a sulcata wo [hr] Would be to big so I was just wondering is there any red footed tortoise breeders on hirer or ones near Massachusetts they seem a lot better suited for me thanks!
  11. thatkiidsean

    UVA/UVB ?

    Hey everyone since I am new here I am confused on what to do for the vitamins for the tort? When it's a baby does it need a UVA or UVB bulb in addition to the heat lamp (does it need one? ) sorry I am new at this. Also what's the difference between UVA and UVB ? I have a bunch if questions I am...
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    Sulcata enclosure

    Hey guys it's Sean again , researching for my new sulcata . I know that younglings need humidity and heat so I was wondering would a Rubbermaid tub be good for a hatchling ? Or the zoomed tortoise table? I need ideas on the perfect inside enclosure I want my tort to be as happy as he can be...
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    Hey guys Im sorry for so many post all at once but I hav narrowed down to a russian or a red footed tortoise.. Im still doing alot of research but do they both have similar care? thanks :D
  14. thatkiidsean

    Shopping list?

    Hey guys, I am new to this forum and I am doing a ton of research for getting a tortoise I have built a tortoise table but im confused on what to buy. I was wondering can you guys like give a shopping list? Every time i try to do research I keep finding things but than when I look somewhere...
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    Newbie :D

    Hey guys.. My name is Sean I am new here ... Im doing my research because I plan on getting a tort. I have built a tortoise table 5' by 3' I just have a few questions from there. Which would be a better tort to get a russian,greek,hermanns? Im trying to do all the research .. Also im am stuck...