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  1. moswen

    Christmas sale on mvbs again this year?

    Hey everyone, does anyone know of a sale on mvbs again this year? I can't remember who was having the sale last year but they were like 30% off or something... Thanks for any info!
  2. moswen

    Mos farted in the tub this morning

    Hey guys! How is everyone? I know it's been SO LONG since I have been an active participant here on tfo, I miss it, and I need the information that I gain from it! but, I didn't get on to say "I'm back," sorry... Still super busy, but something so gross/funny happened this morning that I have to...
  3. moswen

    Can I post that I want plants here? Winter hardy hibiscus

    Sorry guys, don't know if I can post plants here or not. I want a few winter hardy hibiscus if I could get some. Seeds or small plants, any color, I'm not picky. The only thing I require is that they be cheap! I'm annoyed with paying $30 for one plant that won't last thru winter and I can't even...
  4. moswen

    I think we may be lucky

    How lucky are we!!! We have just moved to our new house on 5 acres and we have a "resident" adult female ornate box turtle! We named her Tammy, but we really just call her "momma." anyways, we've seen her for several days now, can anyone tell me why she's hanging around? Also... We added to our...
  5. moswen

    New sulcata and spider indoor enclosures!

    Hey everyone! I've missed my forum. Well, we have moved!!! This house is a total fixer-upper, starting very unexpectedly with the ROOF!!!... so there goes our "new flooring and upstairs bathroom remodel" money... Anyways, I've been working my tail off painting, moving, cleaning, and unpacking...
  6. moswen

    photobucket down?

    i haven't been able to get on my photobucket for a few days... i thought it was my app but when i just got on the computer to check it out its still not working....? is it my account or is photobucket down?
  7. moswen

    Funny.... NOTHING gets between Dr. P and his mango

    So I accidentally dumped a gallon of calcium powder on the spider tort's mangoes, and in between the time I put the lid on the calcium powder and went back to the fridge to get some new mangos, I come back to this: Oh no they taste fine mom! Don't even worry about it. See? I always eat...
  8. moswen

    Pics of safina and her guilty pleasure...

    First, we catch her in the act: face deep in avocado. Then, just some cute pics of her: And this has always been one of my favorites, it's from last summer: And probably one of my first pics of her: Isn't she just a doll? I decided to post all about fina bc Mos is the...
  9. moswen

    "Where's the Lemon" part II

    It's time for another exciting edition of "where's the lemon" part 2. In this photo we have one hatchling spider tortoise, named lemon, hiding in my yard. Can you find her? In the last game Cory (spikethebest) won with the first guess! Can you beat him? This one should be much harder! Guess away!
  10. moswen

    Isn't bath time sublime?

    Just look at these happy torts
  11. moswen

    How long does calcium...

    How long will calcium and vitamins stay in your tort's system while it waits to be absorbed? Like, say I feed my torts in the morning, but it doesn't get warm enough to take them outside right now until between 1-5 pm. If I want to take them out during this time for "optimum uv absorption" does...
  12. moswen

    Sometimes I get jealous of my torts...

    "Good morning madam Ayana, shall we start you off with a nice hot bath this morning? Would you like a carrot soak, a vitamin bath, or simply pure water?" "now, mistress Tula, it's time for an all-you-can-eat breakfast, prepared by our resident chef of the finest organically grown greens...
  13. moswen

    Please oh please tell me that lemon is just peeling some skin

    What do you think? I know torts peel on their heads sometimes but I've never had one do it, so....! Just making sure
  14. moswen

    Nice day for a picnic!

    And now for some dessert: "I shall smite you where you stand! I may be small, but my courage is big and my determination is vast! I shall have victory this day! I shall cripple the strong and rule them as weak! So all will know, that this day-- THIS DAY --this day you were conquered by...
  15. moswen

    Only yard in the neighborhood already green... Yikes!

    Totally embarrassing for me.... But the torts are happy! They won't even stat still long enough for a lineup! Yana sunbathing-- so cute!! Will you please get that thing out of my face? That looks tasty... May I have a bite?
  16. moswen

    not very happy at all with my zoo med mvbs.

    i wanted to express my sincere displeasure with my 4 zoo med mvbs that i recieved in november/december through online shopping. one was 160w, and 3 were 100w. first off, one 100w came with the white paint on the inside of the bulb all scratched up, and the coil thing in the middle was bent to...
  17. moswen

    beauty shots of Dr. P

    well, lemon is my little late-sleeper, good-hider, hermit spider tortoise, so here are some new pictures of dr.p: i used to get them out of their hides in the mornging, give them their morning soak, feed them, and then dig them up again and spray them down 1-2 times throughout the day...
  18. moswen

    find the lemon

    i'll give you a hint: i'm talking about my spider tortoise, not the fruit. good luck!
  19. moswen

    what to do when you lose power

    hey all, i miss my forum! lol, that's how you can tell a TFO junkie, i've only been on a few minutes at a time (via my cell phone) for almost 2 weeks bc my internet card is down, and i miss it! anyways, we're forecasted to get 1 inch of freezing rain and sleet and 5-12 inches (what a gap!)...
  20. moswen

    10" red foot here in tulsa

    hey guys, there's someone here in tulsa (oklahoma) selling a 10" red foot on craig's list. i asked for sex, which breed, and pictures. it's $200 with the full set up, but i also asked if he/she would be willing to sell without the set up. if the pics look good i'm going to drop by and look at...