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  1. morloch

    Morloch making a visit at my work

    . Love the note the guys put on him!
  2. morloch

    Please help , need a good home for my sully!!! (Canada)

    I'm looking for a wonderful home for morloch with lots of space!! Unfortunately our lifestyle has changed and I have tried and tried to involve our sully. But it just won't work! Morloch is almost three yrs old. He or she is over 8 lbs. with a fantastic personality! I'm not asking for money...
  3. morloch

    Can't get comfy!

    I think morloch wishes he could lay sideways.
  4. morloch

    Shell patterns are so beautiful!!

    . I'm making Morlochs shell my new wallpaper!
  5. morloch

    Chilling Sunday morning.

  6. morloch

    Sunny Sunday morning... Still too cold out!!

    Soak up some heat from the warm rug! [hr]
  7. morloch

    Please share your close-ups!!!

  8. morloch

    Morloch going in the closet Hope it works!
  9. morloch

    Grandma and her grand tort !

    . Looking pretty happy to me!
  10. morloch

    Need a few tips!!

    We are building morloch a new indoor enclosure. 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.i will be using pond liner for the bottom to protect the wood. However, I'm trying to keep at least 5 feet a basking and walking area. The last 3 feet will be his sleeping cave. My question is ... What would be good as...
  11. morloch

    Let me get a closer look

  12. morloch

    The sweetest sleeping face!!

    A little monster crashed for the night!
  13. morloch

    Currently I'm in the process of building a new enclosure....

    Will a 250 watt medal halide with 6700 kelvin lamp used for a planted aquarium sofice for lighting for an African sulcata? Thx in advance.
  14. morloch

    That's not yours!!!!

    . Just cleaning the dog dish stand,,,not even one minute later ,,, look who shows up!
  15. morloch

    Looking for poison dart frog info!!

    I'm interested in getting poison dart frogs,,, but I need a lot of information before I start. Thanks in advance!
  16. morloch

    I think we have a smooth shell!!

    [attachment=71337 opinions please! We r so proud of our morloch!,,, we absolutely love caring for him!!!
  17. morloch

    If I can't go out,,, leave me alone!!!

    Someone was pouting it seemed,,, because he can't go out!
  18. morloch

    A recent pic of morloch

    , it's been awhile since I posted a picture. We sold morlochs old home( way too small)!, so we put him back in briefly to say good bye!!
  19. morloch

    Roaming the halls

    I am visiting my mom and had to bring morloch with me. He is getting his excersise by roaming the halls. We have only been there for two days , and he knows which door to go to.
  20. morloch

    Stuck between a shell and a hard place!

    It's too cold today, so morloch wants to explore the indoors instead.