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    Ukumehame Shooting Range

    A friend and I went to the shooting range yesterday and I took my 10yo son with us. Here he is on the MP5 And here he is on the FN-Five Seven. This was the first time I shot this gun aswell. Let me tell ya, its probably the nicest hand gun I have shot to date. The pic shows my friend...
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    Neal, High Domed???

    Maybe not as high domed as yours, but kinda close...maybe?
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    The "Special" Clutch

    These "little" guys have been hatching out over the past week. They were layed by a female that usually layes normal size eggs. She layed 4 normal clutches, this "special" clutch, and then normal cluthces again. These guys are half the size of all their sibling clutches. They are not runts...
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    Has anyone had Ahi Poke (aw-he)(poh-kay)? diced, raw yellow fin tuna, sesame oil, minced Maui sweet onion, green onion, red pepper flake, limu (lee-moo) or seaweed and corse Hawaiian sea salt all mixed together. Its a Hawaiian dish and very popular here and tonights dinner for me. MMMM, MMMM...
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    LeChoke James

    Le Choke did it again... suffocated himself with his Burger King Crown. Let it be known that he IS NO Michael Jordan and he IS NO Kobe Bryant. He's a Great Glue Guy... that its. Him and his side kick, the much Overrated Dwayne Wade will have a hard time winning a Title. They got beat by a...
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    Neal, What About These?

    I know your a fan of my darker leopards, but what do you think about these guys. I'll take pics of the others in the morning, but you can start by checking this one out. This little guy hatched about 2 weeks ago. He weighed 36g 24hrs out of the shell. He now weighs 41g. The mom is the one...
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    Hatchlings That Incubate Under 100 days

    Because of recent threads and the responces to them I thought I would bring up the subject. Does anyone keep health records of leopard and sulcata hatchlings that incubated under under 100 days. I'm not talking about 99 or 98 days, but about those that hatch at 95 days or less. Ive read some...
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    There has been alot of talk on the forum about leopard tortoise sub.sp. and weather or not there should be more than 2 or none at all. It got me thinking about sulcatas. Does anyone know if there has been a suggestion that there should be sub.sp within sulcata? Has anyone thats been keeping...
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    Somewhere Over the Rainbow

    Took these pics outside my house yesterday morning.
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    Chicken Joe

    I guess he is now a pet. He started hanging around the property a few months ago and sleeps in the tree in our back yard. He loves to start crowing about 4 in the morning. All he does is walk circles around the house all day scratchin for bugs.
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    John here is some pictures of John.

    Ever since John picked this one out Ive been calling him John. I thought I would put up some new pics. He should be heading to the East Coast soon. I have to say that of all the tortoises I have hatched, John is one sharp looking tortoise. Here is one with John and a couple siblings.
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    Revamped Hatchling Enclosure

    Thought I would share some pics of my updated and cleaned up hatchling enclosure. I like to get my hatchlings in these as soon as possible. Usually around week 2. I find that the Hawaiian Sun is the best thing for the little ones. Over here they grow quick. All my hatchlings are started in...
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    2011 Leopard Hatchlings (Different Mom)

    These are from my 21 yo female that weighs 33lbs and is about 19" These hatchlings have been out of the egg for 24 hours and weigh 33g a piece. Thanks for looking.
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    Babcocki X Pardalis.. Whatever Pic

    I recently got a p.pardalis female that was kept with a babcocki male. She had layed eggs for the previous owner but none ever hatched. During the purchase she tells me that the female layed some eggs during her "off" season. She normally layed during the summer months, but decided to lay in...
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    12 Little Leopards

    Some pics of the first 12
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    Hatchlings and Cactus

    The ones that have started eating really love it
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    2011 Leopard Hatchlings

    Group layed 1-3-2011 started hatching today. ;)
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    Hose Attachments

    Here it is....
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    Hatchling Behavior

    Post # 19 They come from the Sahara! Sometimes the Sahara doesn't get rain for a decade. Babies spend most of their early years in burrows that retain humidity from root systems, urates, name it! The use of exclamation points shows your conviction and that you are stating...
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    The Federal Reserve / Thomas Jefferson

    To: U.S. Congress This petition calls for the abolishment, by Congress of The Federal Reserve Act of 1913. To return all the rights and profits, from the creation of money to the rightful heirs, the citizens and the U.S. Government. It is outrageous that private banks and the FED can create...