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    What would be the 'perfect' indoor habitat?

    I've seen people that run large-misting systems directly from an RO water-line. No buckets to fill up, no hassle, no clogged nozzles, just mist. Not as cost effective as other options, but it is a whole lot less work once it's all automated. This is the set-up in particular that I took that...
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    How does the UV get through bulb glass?

    Wow, I honestly have no idea. I have never even considered that. Maybe the glass on a bulb is more pure or thinner? I know that they specially coat the bulbs to male them produce useable uv.
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    Plastic Huts?

    These are the huts that I'm talking about. Looks like it was Petco that sells them. They look pretty close to real wood.
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    Plastic Huts?

    Either petco or petsmart sells plastic "wood" huts. Not sure what they're made of, but it looks water tight and like it's some sort of plastic.
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    Tortoise scammer warning

    Yes, I'm still waiting for mine in the mail though. Should be here any day now.
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    Breeders section?

    Wouldn't the tortoises "vendor" review section be a good place to post reviews? I don't think we should set up a breeder rating system when it seems like we've kinda already got one.
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    "no officer, I swear it's not mine. It's my tortoises. He likes to eat it, I swear..."
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    Oh dear... I suppose redfoots may come across it in the wild...though that would only be if they stumble across an illegal patch...
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    I used plywood and 2x4s for the bottom of mine, but for the walls I used the big shelving boards. They're already a good height, and the tops are smoothed out, so you just get them cut to size and tack them on to your table. If you come with the right measurements, Home Depot can cut them to...
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    This for a tort table? any thoughts?

    That looks really nice. My only thought is that most torts will outgrow that before too long. I'm not experienced with Hermann's but it does seem like the size would work and the rest of it seems really functional. Good find. I like the idea of hanging the lights from the top.
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    needs a new home

    I totally thought Karloff was a dog and that Tyler was just being funny with his name (Karloff's a russian name, so it's a russian tortoise). Shows how closely I read ;) Let us know what you hear Katerina.
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    Hello from Utah!

    Welcome! Always good to hear from more people in Utah
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    Using terrarium liner to raise water dish

    Your choice of substrate will also make a difference here. Cypress for Katanga is a lot less likely to get drug into the water dish than Eco earth
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    Freaking Cat...?!?!?!

    Which depending on the day is decently far:P Tonight I'll be drilling holes in the plexi, but I'm deciding whether or not to actually switch the new ones in or just to wait for the cat to break it more/keep trying to get in and try to teach it to avoid the tort table. May be better to wait...
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    Freaking Cat...?!?!?!

    I've got a top on everything but about a 1' strip on one of the edges for the heat lamp and everything. This is the area that he was trying to jump into. I chatted with the guy who was watching him over the weekend and he said that he kept jumping in there and just laying under the heat lamp...
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    Freaking Cat...?!?!?!

    This is what the kitten did over the weekend. We went out of town and even though a neighbor was willing to watch him, he didn't watch the kitten close enough since this is what I came home to. Hopefully it comes out in the pictures. I'm guessing the kitten tried to jump into the...
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    Sulcata Tortoise

    How did you get his email?... :P I'm actually surprised this turned out well. Good to hear.
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    Nope, that's not how it works. They don't pick up animals and fly with them. A hawk will eat it on the ground since a small dog or rabbit is way way way too heavy for a hawk to fly with. Just not happening. Falcons too. Maybe an eagle could do it, but carrying prey is not at all how they...