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  1. John Franzwa

    Baby tortoise yawning?

    Hi everyone I saw my baby one eyed redfoot stretch his neck out and open his mouth, he appears to have no blockage in his nostril area he was just given a bath. I don't really have access to a vet and even if I did I wouldn't have the money. Also his one eye was a little watery. Any help is...
  2. John Franzwa

    Can Russians have pumpkin guts or pumpkin?

    Hey i was wondering if my Russian Shelly could have some pumpkin guts. She will only get them today and maybe next year.
  3. John Franzwa

    Russian tortoise making weird noise!?

    Hi I think my Russian tort is making a weird noise, its like a weird clack noise and she doesn't have any thing coming out of her noise and she has been eating so I don't know what it is!
  4. John Franzwa

    Help my tort keeps flipping over!

    My baby one eyed redfoot tortoise keeps flipping him self and today he pooped all over and was pale and sunken in but after bathes and eating he is much better. Anyways should I take out his hides! He never ever uses them and just flips him self on them! I am think I should take out the hides...
  5. John Franzwa

    Tort asleep under heat! Is it safe?

    Hello all my little baby one eyed redfoot Earl fell asleep really close to his heat lamps and I'm worried while I'm away tomorrow he will dry out or over heat! Any suggestions, he usually doesn't move when he's burrowed in, also he's completely under his wood chipping.
  6. John Franzwa

    Picky eater tips!

    I've found a couple ways to help your tort switch over from Mazuri, what I discovered today helps is if you take the left over water from the Mazuri and drizzle it over the undesired foods, also ripping it up into little pieces and putting it on the food also helps!
  7. John Franzwa

    Shell rot?

    Ok I know i post a lot asking if things are shell rot but this is the last time I swear, is this in her scute shell rot
  8. John Franzwa

    Weird noise?

    My Russian tort made a weird huff noise, she has no other signs of a infection I just think I heard her make a huff noise I may of been mistaken but best to be safe!
  9. John Franzwa

    Is this shell rot?

    Hi my I believe my Russian tort may have shell rot, is this shell rot? I applied anti fungal cream and beta done today just to be safe.
  10. John Franzwa

    Inactive Russian tort?

    My Russian tort is being really inactive lately for example she never leaves her hide! I put food in there and put her next to it and she eats it then walks over by her light for like a couple minutes then goes back to her hide! She did go outside yesterday though bad built a hole! Then laid...
  11. John Franzwa

    Is this shell rot?

    Hello, I posted two threads awhile ago regarding my Russian tortoises shell and realized that she may have shell rot, it seems to have become worse than before. The picture above is the original and the below is current. The picture above (second pic) is before betadine application and this...
  12. John Franzwa

    How to cure shell rot?

    How do you cute shell rot? I am already getting the cream today, how much should I apply even if it is only one area. Here's a pic
  13. John Franzwa

    Is this shell rot?

  14. John Franzwa

    Dry Mazuri LS?

    I sprinkled some small dry pieces of Mazuri LS on my Russian torts food is this ok?
  15. John Franzwa

    Mazuri or Mazuri ls

    What is more healthy, my baby redfoot will eat anything so I'm just wondering.
  16. John Franzwa

    Little bugs in substrate?

    I have a mix of wood and Eco earth for my little red foot and these little tiny white bugs are popping up under his food dish, are they dangerous? I plane to switch out the substrate as soon as possible. Are they dangerous
  17. John Franzwa

    Removing coconut oil from shell?

    How do you remove coconut oil from a tortoises shell? I have recently put coconut oil on my Russian tortoises shell and am curious on how to remove it if I even need to remove it?
  18. John Franzwa

    Inactive Russian tortoise?

    Hi my Russian tortoise Shelly used to move around a lot more but ever since i got her 2 more hides, now she has 3 hides. She hides more, she still comes out to eat but barely basks it's been going on for 3 days now, she is also eating less. Maybe I could change up her food. Her favorite hide is...
  19. John Franzwa

    My redfoot tort eating moss?

    If a tortoise eats moss will it be fine, I'm not sure if he's eating it, I don't think he is but he could be!
  20. John Franzwa

    Earl the one eyed baby tortoise.

    This will be a thread that I will update every so often with info about me baby red footed tortoise. I will now give you some back round on him. He has one eye and is a 3 or 4 week old little guy who I didn't realize only had one eye until I was home from the expo, when I got him he was...