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  1. trickspiration

    Anyone know what this is?

    It's found on shrubs and I was wondering if anyone recognizes what it is. The leaves are smooth and there is no discernible scent from these (like a scent from dandelions). Thanks in advance!
  2. trickspiration

    Thinking of getting another tortoise

    Hi everyone, We're thinking of getting another tortoise to add to our family, possibly a baby golden greek tortoise. In October 2017, we received Spike, a baby ibera greek tortoise, as our first pet together! He was bought from Tortoise Supply when he was (roughly) 2 months old, and so far...
  3. trickspiration

    Enclosure revamp

    Some changes to his enclosure from when we first got Spike: As you can see, it was pretty plain with his initial setup - two hides, food dish, basking stone (under the heat lamp), and a few decorative pieces. After a few months, we mixed it up - an additional heat lamp in the corner, two...
  4. trickspiration

    All the goodies I could find in the yard!

    Spike is one lucky tort!
  5. trickspiration

    Ways to improve his current diet

    Hi all, I've been trying to improve my greek tort's diet and would like suggestions on what foods to add, minimize, or even eliminate from his diet. Currently his food items (and their relative percentages of his diet) consist of: - romaine lettuce (for hydration purposes) (28%) - weeds...
  6. trickspiration

    Burn mark, abrasion, what is it?

    I noticed something weird on Spike's carapace today. There were (are) areas of it that are discolored or look different than the rest of his shell. I'm not sure what it's from. When I give him a soak, I usually spoon water onto his carapace. When I did this today, the weird marks on his carapace...
  7. trickspiration

    Greek tortoise ate a dead pill bug

    I took Spike outside on Sunday to the front lawn for some exercise and sun, and was watching him start to approach what looked like a dead pill bug (it was turned upright and not moving). I saw him sniff it, didn't think much of it, then he ate it! It was a small pill bug that he scarfed down in...
  8. trickspiration

    Uneven walking

    I've recently noticed that Spike has some issues walking and using his back legs. When he does walk around, he is very slow and doesn't book it as fast as he usually does when outside. I'm thinking his nails are too long, which may be why he is not walking as smoothly. How do you recommend...
  9. trickspiration

    Help with plant ID

    After a few days of high humidity and rare SoCal rain, patches of the front lawn began showing new sprouts of grass and young weeds! In other words, free food for Spike! That is, if I can safely identify them. Most of them I've found are young dandelions and catsear, and some looked different...
  10. trickspiration

    Find that tortoise!

    Apologies for the socks and sandals combo, my feet were cold and the ground was still wet from yesterday's rain!
  11. trickspiration

    Scientists say too many sea turtles are born female - here's why
  12. trickspiration

    Shell rot

    I can't tell if this is the start of shell rot or just hard water stains. I've noticed the white squiggly lines recently on his carapace and plastron.
  13. trickspiration

    Shell rot or hard water stains?

    My Greek tortoise is 4 months old and recently I've noticed some white squiggly lines on his carapace. I am not sure what it is and am hoping it is just hard water stains and not shell rot. Some background info relevant to my concerns: his substrate is coco coir that is damp underneath and dry...
  14. trickspiration

    Shell rot question

    I can't tell if this is the start of shell rot or not. There are white swirly marks on the costal scutes that I suspect are either from abrasion or shell rot, but I am not sure. My greek tortoise likes to sleep in his hot hide, which is a terra cotta pot half buried in coco coir, and he tends to...
  15. trickspiration

    Weed ID

    Found some more weeds in the backyard along with some plants, not sure what they are: 1. 2. Soft and fuzzy leaves 3.
  16. trickspiration

    Question about some weeds

    I've been feeding Spike some weeds from the backyard that, according to the Tortoise Table, are considered Do Not Feed items. However, they seem to be OK-ed on the forum, so now I'm conflicted on what weeds are considered safe for Spike to consume versus those that should never be fed. From the...
  17. trickspiration

    Weed ID again

    Not sure about this one. Pretty sure these are dandelions. For the life of me, I can't ID these. Looks like shepherd's purse seedling, but I'm not sure.
  18. trickspiration

    Massive poop

    His poops make me happy :)
  19. trickspiration

    Just wanted to share an update

    Spike hatched in mid-August according to Tyler from Tortoise Supply and is now a little more than 3 months old. He has gained 2 grams this month from when we first received him! Rejoice! Here are some photos of his adorable face :<3: