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  1. Hankthetank


    I play basketball and I'm leaving for 2 days for a tournament down in Oregon (I live in Washington) and I was wondering what I should do for her lighting fixtures..I have a water dish for her and I can give her food right before I leave but I'm not sure weather I should turn off all of her...
  2. Hankthetank

    Hibernation? And heat

    I have a russian tortoise that I keep indoors and was wondering when hibernation season is for them and how I know my tortoise is going into it? Also the guy at the pet store told me that I should always keep his heat lamp on but other websites say to turn it off at night along with his normal...
  3. Hankthetank

    Vet help

    I was wondering if I have to be a certain age to take my tortoise to the vet like 18 or older or something or if I will have to sign anything. Also do I have to be a member to the local vet?
  4. Hankthetank

    Russian tortoise health diet

    I have a Russian tortoise and I feed him the usual organic green mix and his poop has been dark green and a little watery..I read that he needs more fiber and I was wondering what I can feed him that will help..any ideas?