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    Mazuri vs MegaDiet RF?

    Hey everyone! Long time no see. In short, I may be adopting 2 desert tortoises soon, and have been running into a bit of a problem. I understand they must have lots of native plants and grasses, but while they are growing I will need something to give them. I have narrowed it down to either...
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    Safe Veggies??

    can someone give me a complete list of vegetables safe for russian tortoises?
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    Introducing a new tortoise to anther.

    Hey everyone! I am happy to announce I am bringing home a new Russian Tort this friday! So. I do already have 2 russian tortoises. I am planning on starting a breeding colony. I would like to know how i can make sure the torts wont bully her to badly. she is a female, looks about 6 inches. My...
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    Raised Scute lines?

    I noticed the lines dividing the scutes on my tortoise are raised. what is this?
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    Shell Rot Or Fungas? *PLEASE HELP

    Is this Shell rot or fungus infection? I think is shell rot. This is my plan to treat it dry out bedding betadine soak once athletes foot cream daily daily soaks will vitashell help? how long will it take for him to heal?
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    Treating Shell Rot **HELP**

    Hey guys. Here is how i plan to cure my BBMT mild shell rot. Please tell me any revisions needed 10 gal tank with no substrate (paper towel) with basic needs and uvb light a betadine bath every other day atheletes foot applied everyday Stay dry
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    Is this shell rot?

    Hello! I have a BBMT and i think he has shell rot. I thought it was his natural color change, but i noticed a dent in the shell. I dont know why he would have shell rot, as he has UVB. I may just rehome him, as i feel im not doing a good job :c please help, i have betadine and athletes foot...
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    What couldve happened! I woke up to go feed the torts and i saw this on my male RT Sherman!
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    Greek or Redfoot?

    Im planning on adopting either a greek or redfoot tortoise. Both are 88 dollars. The tortoise would be housed outdoors, in nice sunny ca weather
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    White speckles? URGENT

    Hey guys! i have been noticing these white little speckles on my hatchling burmese brown mountain tortoise. I have recentually added a fogger, is this the cause??
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    golden pothus ivy

    is this safe?
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    Cage Mate?

    Hey everyone! :D I was curious if it be safe/ok to put a cage mate with my Burmese Brown Mountain Tortoise Hatchling (seems to be male) Id love to have a other tortoise, but i have no space for a proper enclosure, other then the one i have for my current hatchling
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    Need advice on humidity and lighting for indoors

    ok so today my dad and i are bulding a top for my tort enclosure. How can i keep it warm and humid and have my uvb light shine in?
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    Help? :(

    Hey guys :( so I am just worried about my baby brown mt. tort. He isnt eating a lot, has been sleeping a lot, . Ive been having problems keeping the heat and humidity in, any tips?
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    I need help keeping my enclosure warm and humid

    Hi! I have a hatchling BBM tort, and i need help on keeping the tank a nice temp and humid. Any tips? i was thinking a top would help. Please let me know!
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    HELP!!!!(not eating and color on shell)

    HELP! my BBMT hatchling has not been eating latley and has this odd white coloring on his shell. Please help! im so worried ill post a pic if its needed please help :'(
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    Meet my hatchling Burmese Brown!

    Here he is! :D Please leave feedback below. I oredered hima repti fogger. How should i provide prtoien and how much should i feed? [hr]
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    Need advice ASAP

    Ok so my new burmese brown mnt. tort is coming tom. morning. So. I need these few questions answered fast. 1. How much hudmidy does a 5-6 week old hatchling need? 2. How do i provide him protein? 3. How often do i soak him? 4. How often shoudl i do a full bedding change? 5. How do i keep the...
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    Burmese brown mountain tortoise

    Any advice/ care?? I may get one and wnat it to be taken care of right!
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    T rex tortoise pellets

    Are these beneficial at all? If they are how much do you feed? I currently have my RT on a veggie based diet