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  1. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Bubbles coming out of nose

    Hi, my 5/6 year old horsefield tortoise was just lifting up his head with his eyes closed and I went to have a look what was wrong and under closer inspection he had bubbles coming out of my nose, does anyone know what’s happening?
  2. TerryTheTortoise2016

    My tortoise's poo looks different.

    So I don't know if this is to do with his diet or not but yesterday he did quite a weird looking poo. Again as I've said in many other threads he is a 4/5 year old horse field tort. The only changes he's had recently is that I've taken him to the park but I made sure there were no pesticides in...
  3. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Tortoise poo

    My 4/5 year old horsefield tort just did quite a weird poo tell me if you know why..., thanks :)
  4. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Tortoise nails

    So my tortoise has quite long nails now, I think they are about an inch but I don't know if you are supposed to cut them or not. we have these "stones" in his tank that are supposed to file down his nails when he scratches them but he always stays clear of them. He also digs in his tank a lot...
  5. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Getting your tortoise to trust you...

    My tortoise is not very sociable with me even though he would recognise me and stuff like that and I have seen people posting about their tortoise trusting them enough to even let them open its mouth and things like that! I was wondering how to get my tortoise to trust me a bit more. Also I need...
  6. TerryTheTortoise2016

    What should I feed him?

    So I have a 4/5 year old horsefield tortoise as said in pretty much all my other posts but I have been wondering since I have been corrected on what I feed him before but I need more options on what to feed him could you list the things you feed your tortoise down below? Thanks :D
  7. TerryTheTortoise2016

    What should I feed my Horsefield Tortoise?

    So I've been told I was feeding my tortoise the wrong stuff lately like apples or spinach, they told me a few alternatives but I didn't really understand, thanks for trying to help though whoever said that... I was wondering if anyone who reads this post could list a few things they feed their...
  8. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Tortoise cosies/clothes...

    Ive been wanting like a tortoise costume or clothes for a while now, I've looked on eBay and amazon, can someone tell me where to get them please??.... Thanks and good afternoon to you all.
  9. TerryTheTortoise2016

    My Tortoise sometimes digs or moves in his sleep...

    So i come back home and I go check on Terry, he was scratching/digging and I picked him up to say hello but it turns out he had his eyes closed and was asleep... Another time he was just wriggling and moving in his sleep... what does this mean?? Thanks and Good afternoon to you all.
  10. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Tortoise shedding??

    My tortoise has quite a few bits of flakey skin all around on his head and legs, can anyone tell me what this means because I don't know if its shedding or not because its been happening for about a month or two......
  11. TerryTheTortoise2016

    My tortoise!

    I managed to find a picture of my tortoise Terry, he was eating food at the time so thats whats on his face/head, whaddya think?
  12. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Hello, I'm new to the forums...

    Hello im an owner of a 4-5 year old male horsefield tortoise called Terry. It would be great if you guys could give me tips and advice throughout my ownership of him. I will try to say thanks o all of you that do and I hope to use this site a lot as it is very good, I will be recommending it to...
  13. TerryTheTortoise2016

    Tortoise pee dark orange/yellow/brown?!!

    My 4-5 year old horsefield tortoises urine is dark yellow/orange/brown... is this normal or should I be concerned, this has never happened before so please answer. Thanks