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    2 Russian tortoises up for adoption.

    2 very sweet Russian Tortoises up for adoption. They are about 10 years old and are very healthy. I can send pictures upon request. Southern California area (Palmdale).
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    Too early to tell?

    good morning. I have just received two 2015 Russian tortoises. They were incubated to be females(I know that this is not a 100% guarantee by any means). They both hold their tails to the side a bit, just as my larger male does. Just wondering if this means that they are definitely males?
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    Hello from southern California!

    Hi everyone. Glad to be here. My name is Karen and I live in the desert in southern California. I am a second grade teacher and have 4 kids of my own: 2 are in college (sniff), 1 in high school and 1 in middle school. I just purchased a very healthy male Russian Tortoise named Tank. He is very...
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    Homemade Russian Tortoise table - ready for any suggestions!

    Hello. I spent my entire Labor Day weekend building this for my Russian Tortoise (pinched a nerve in my hip in the process). Tank seems to like it. Do you see anything that needs improving? Thanks!
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    Young female Russian tortoises wanted

    hello! I am new here! I have a young male Russian Tortoise. I would love to get a couple of youngish captive bred females for him. I would consider probable females too. I live in Southern California. Thanks!