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    Outdoor enclosure in the PNW

    I live here in the beautiful PNW, Seattle, WA area, and wanting to hear from people who have outdoor enclosures in this area or similar climate. I have one Russian tort. What months do you usually house outdoors? Do you need a heat source or UV light? What type of enclosure do you use? Do you...
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    Sex my tortie!

    So, the pet store told me for sure boy, vet told me she *thinks* it's a girl. Can you all tell me? Also...any guesstimates on site told me 6 months, vet had no clue. He's a Russian.
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    Long worm

    Bought a Greek tortoise as a companion for my Russian 4 days ago from Petsmart. She is very alert, friendly and seems healthy, but wouldn't eat. I tried all sorts of things, and today, ended up giving her a good soak. She has had some healthy poops, a couple of orange ones, but since they had...
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    New Greek tortoise, not eating.

    I need suggestions or ideas. I have a male baby Russian tort who is very active and a pig! He was lonely, so we got him a companion in a female Greek tort. She is very friendly. As soon as she is picked up, she comes out of her shell, and loves people, but we're going on day 4 of me not...
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    Good grow at home seeds?

    Hi all! New to this wonderful tortoise world and have one Russian. Just got him a new enclosure and would like to grow some food to plant inside. Any ideas? Also...any ideas on some good, healthy plants/weeds to grow at home for feeding and the best place to buy seeds (in the us)...