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    Could you please help me identify my tortoise

    In your area sunlight is always available. He will love it more in winter. Mine line up front feet up on the wall to catch the first sun rays to hit. In this heat we have now or even in the AC you will not need lamps. If you have to keep him indoors just cover his box up at night.
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    Could you please help me identify my tortoise

    Tortoises from deserts which are where mine came from are used to living in sand. It covers most of the Middle East where these tortoises were found.
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    Could you please help me identify my tortoise

    Yousif he might be eating the sawdust stuff. Best to find some clean sand.
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    Could you please help me identify my tortoise

    I live near you in the Middle East. My tortoises look just like yours . Mine have spurs. They all live outdoors in the sun but bury themselves when it gets too hot, or head for their houses. They have cuttle fish to gnaw on & they love Romaine Lettice & cabbage. Can you let him live outdoors...
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    Golden Greek hatcling odd behavior

    Try giving it some warm sunlight, if you can, they love that & it does them good.
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    Mating and fighting. Need urgent help!

    Ouch !!! Looks painful.
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    My Tortoise has got to be put to Sleep

    Hi Hi Katie, so sorry to hear about your poor tortoise. I would love to know what they fed him before you got him. As it is just keep him on romaine lettuce & cabbage. Mine thrive on this. Best of luck hope he can be revived.
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    Which tortoise do I have?

    Romaine lettuce is more nutritious than iceberg, not too much tomato though, but dandelions , what luck , wish I had some for my creeps.
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    Extremists of every stripe start to sound unhinged. Best to stick to the old maxim, ‘ ‘Moderation in ALL things’
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    Water Or Not?

    When I first got by baby tortoises in the early 90’s I had read that they would get all the liquid they need from their diet, so they were never given water. If I placed water in their enclosure they would ignore it. Now they have multiplied & moved to a larger outside place the sun is so hot ...
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    Geckos & tortoise

    Yes geckos are beautiful, when I was on a visit to Arizona I bought a couple of ceramic geckos that I fixed to the walls in our desert farm. One lady was rather shocked because as omarnael said , people in the Middle East have been brought up to fear geckos & blame them for any kind of food...
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    Can a vet cause long-term stress to a tortoise?

    Just wondering how much that vet charged. Seems to me that vet was just doing that to justify the money asked for. A stool would be all that was needed.
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    Geckos & tortoise

    Are you in the Middle East? The fear of geckos( braitsy) is totally unfounded. They are harmless. They eat insects & are not at all poisonous. I have a large one that lives in my kitchen( his name is Fred) of course all food left out is covered but none of us have ever suffered any ill effects...
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    Tortoise panics

    I think if it was mine I would take him out like a dog to the nearest garden & if weather permits let him roam for a while. You might get odd looks but I think being cooped up can drive any creature mad.
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    Tortoise panics

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    What DOES your tortoise do all day?!

    I have put a load of grass cuttings in their paddock. They are having great fun burrowing into it & making mounds to climb on. Every afternoon at 5 pm after the sun is slightly less fierce I water the trees that grow in the paddock , spray them with water & they indulge in the muddy mess that is...
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    What type of tortoise?

    Thanks SweetGreekTorts. Actually some do have a yellowy Golden colour. Jerry is practically without any black markings. So truly a golden Greek.
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    What type of tortoise?

    This is Dana she is 28 years old. I call her a desert tortoise as she came from the deserts of Jordan or Syria in vegetable trucks as a hatchling . Is she Greek or Mediterranean or what? She will be pleased to know when I tell her.
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    I think I'm doing everything wrong [emoji26] please help

    If they are pyramiding, just stop over feeding them.