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    How do you keep the grass short/certain length in an outdoor fenced enclosure?

    For outdoor fenced areas your tortoise can roam around and eat grass in. If theres to much grass for the tortoise to eat, what do people do to keep the grass from growing super tall? use a lawn mower? What about the grass that grows along up the side of the fence walls(and yeah it'll have solid...
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    Mustard? Safe?

    A few of these are growing in my yard. Seems to be some kind of mustard? Hard to figure out exactly which one. The 2nd pic is from tortoise table
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    Rodent proof mesh that I can bury underground for years to come?

    I plan on building a big predator proof mesh cage for my leopard tort. It will have an insulated wooden house inside the cage that my tort will live in, so my tort will be able to come out of its house and eat grass whenever it wants and be protected from predators by the surrounding mesh cage...
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    insulating indoor closed enclosure

    It's for a large, closed, indoor high humidity cage for my baby leopard and I want to insulate all walls and ceiling to lower electricity costs. I will have a frame later this month but no walls or floor for a little bit because I want to find out how and what materials would be best for...
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    Mould growing on orchid bark in closed cage?

    I know it's not safe, but is this normal? My cage has high humidity, usually between 75-85% as it's a closed PVC cage. I spray some areas of the cage 2 or maybe 3 times a day. How am I supposed to avoid growing mould on the orchid bark?
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    Untreated, uncolored orchid bark mulch in canada?

    Everywhere I look, online and in stores, orchid bark mulch always has some color added to it. I wouldn't use those cus added colors are toxic if it's used for a substrate. Where in Canada or the west coast can I find small or medium size bark mulch that's completely free of chemicals and added...
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    Can someone ship me original mazuri tortoise diet-BC, canada

    Asking for someone who's in Canada since shipping will be cheaper. I'm in Canada and I can't find small quantities of mazuri anywhere..there's mazuri tortoise diet LS, which my tortoise has been eating but I want to try the original as it seems to be a lot more liked by torts. I only need like...
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    How do you feed your dried mulberry leaves and dried hibiscus flowers?

    My 8mo old leo isn't really eating the hibiscus (cut and sifted) organic petals I bought after I soak them in minimal water for 24 hrs (in a fridge or at room temp), and also not if I even soak them for only 5-15 mins. I tried sprinkling and mixing the petals in its food and it made the tort not...
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    Some weeds

    This is either hawks beard or nipplewort? We have a different looking nipplewort elsewhere so maybe this is a different type of nipplewort, if it is one? This is smooth sowthistle? Not really sure what this is..
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    Can I stored dried hibiscus in the fridge?

    Bought certified organic ones from a local company. I'd hate to have to go down to the garage every time I want to grab some to feed it to my tort, but if I have to, then I will. The garage is the only other cool place I can store it. Also, can I take like a few weeks worth of dried hibiscus...
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    weeds near driveway

    There are some weeds growing beside my driveway that has 1 or 2 cars going leaving and parking there daily. Would these plants be unsafe to feed? What about new baby weeds growing there? or do the roots have pollution in those too?
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    Should I add these to my hibiscus?

    I'm reporting my rose of Sharon and hibiscus soon and am wondering if I should add these fertilizers to the soil during repotting. The small green balls were already in the soil of my hibiscus.... I think it's the same thing thats in this bottle I bought from a garden center? -> Would it be...
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    What succulent is this is?

    This was at a local garden store. I have seen something like this or the exact same thing in tortoises enclosures online (pictures below) and they just eat away at it as it grows. I've used Google lens and some other third part plant id apps but not sure about their results. Thought I'd double...
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    replant dwarf mulberry pot size

    I'll be getting a dwarf mulberry soon. I don't want to plant it to the ground as we will move to a different house in 2 yrs or less and trying to dig it out might not be safe for the plant, and would probably be very hard to do. So i want to replant it shortly after getting it, into a new pot...
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    'zucchini squash' for a leopard?

    This might be a stupid question since it seems like this is a fruit and I know fruits aren't good for leopards. I thought these were vegetables but it's a fruit?
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    Anyone willing to ship organic mulberry leaves to me?

    I live in Western Canada. Will pm my address. Preferably from someone who lives in Canada for cheaper shipping, but a US shipment would be fine if there's no other option. Mulberry trees don't seem to be common around here, and the only place I could buy leaves from are eBay but I don't know to...
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    Whats wrong with my rose of Sharon?

    I'm new to plants. I bought 2 rose of Sharon and a hibiscus for my tort (I want to give variety), but one of my rose of Sharon leaves are just not healthy looking at all (the one below) and there are several yellow leaves. Does anyone know what's wrong? I water them like once every 2 or 3 days...
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    Dried mulberry leaves from china town

    May have chemicals? Go or no go? on a side note, I am getting my own dwarf mulberry (morus nigra) to grow my own leaves but am looking for some temporary solutions to get some leaves to my tort. It will probably have chemicals so I'll still wait for like a year before feeding the leaves from it.
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    Should I buy a dwarf or contorted mulberry tree?

    Or are they both the same thing? I don't need a large size one. And one without invasive, destructive roots. I can plant it in the ground. Which one would be best but also which leaves would be better liked by my leopard tort? It seems like torts like one type more than the other.
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    Is this broadleaf/greaterleaf plantain?

    It grows around our front and backyard, but mostly in our backyard around where we have ponds. The thing doesn't look like water plantain, but it doesn't have any of the tall seed stems/shoots that I see in broadleaf plantains images online.