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    Plug up/impacted?

    I have a 3 year old sulcata. He seems to be plugged up real bad or impacted. He does poop up it's super soft. He keeps grunting like he's very uncomfortable and he has his butt up in the air. I been soaking him and giving him pumpkin, aloe, cactus and mineral oil hoping it would help pass...
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    Best grass seed for arizona

    Any one know of a good grass seed mix for the desert heat? I've used the grazing mix from Carolina pet supply a few times now but this last time 2 pounds worth barely sprouted. So any recommendations on any grasses that grow in Arizona is appreciated
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    Pool sealer

    I just made 2 wading pools and painted them with drylok extreme. So far it seems to work, I chose a blueish color but it doesn't tend to clean and stain with there muddy feet. Does anyone know of a good top coat that can be used and easy to clean?
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    Shell patch coming up

    Is it normal for a layer of the shell to shed? It looks like the top layer it's coming coming off. I'm not sure why the imagine keeps rotating
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    Gaillardia, blanket flower

    Anyone know if the blanket flower (Gaillardia) is safe for them to eat?
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    Anyone know of some probiotic that you can give to sulcatas? They been having loose stool lately. I'm not sure if it's due to weather or if something there eating. I always feed them the same things so I assume it's the weather.
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    Dumb question

    I'm curious do there penis always come out when they poop or pee? He be pooping and walking with his thing dragging behind him and getting **** all on his thing. Think it would hurt dragging + hurt dragging on the ground
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    Male trying to have sex with other male..

    So my torts can interact when there let out into the bigger yard. Why is one male trying to screw the other...
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    Best hay

    What is the best type of hay to feed?
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    Radiant heat panels or oil heater?

    What would work better and not use a **** load of electricity? I was either gonna get a 700w mini oil heater or 120w radiant panel. I'm not sure how well panels work or if I would need more then 1. I used to use a regular size oil heater in my own room before but I know having that I'm all day...
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    Penis why

    Anyone know why my tort penis keeps coming out so much. I feed him and it comes out, I scratch him it also comes out. Also doesn't all the dirt on the ground end up going back in with it?
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    Mating season?

    So I just figured out I have 2 males. There both a few months till there 2yrs. Idk if its cuz the time of year but there junk keeps coming out. I've seen it way to many times in the last 2 weeks. I swear they even nutted on the ground. Is this normal for it to be coming out so much. Dam thing...
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    Trade/need home for male sulcata

    I have a male sulcata, I got him in oct of 2018. So hes almost 2 yrs. I know hes a male since his junk came out. I'm looking to trade him for a female sulcata or sum1 to adopt him.
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    Can they eat and safe pest control?

    I read they can eat flowers like marigolds, etc... do they eat the actual flower or the leafs or both? Also I have grass and other stuff growing but is there some kind of insecticide that's say for torts? There grazing area is getting eaten up by bugs.
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    I know it's normal for them when they pee but to have this much seems like alot for how big he is.
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    Cheapest place for mazuri?

    Anyone know a cheap site to order mazuri. 25lb or 50lb? I order off of chewy 25lb for 50$ with shipping. If anyone knows better plz let me know. Thanks
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    Preperation for first winter outside

    I know its pretty early for winter talk but just want to prepair if i need anything. They will be around 2 yrs by then and first winter outside. How do they hibernate in arizona? It gets cold at night but thats about it. Do i have to build a separate area for winter? Not to sure about what to do...
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    Safe to eat?

    We have watermelon, cantaloupe, pumpkin, squash, cucumber plants. There starting to spread out. Is it safe for them to eat the actual plants? Whenever they walk buy they like to take a bite out of it.
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    Watery eyes and whistle

    I've noticed on a few times when I've gone to feed them they have had water around there eyes and one has a very light sound whistle when he breathes. There both very active and eating alot. So should I have to worry about any of these things?
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    Need advice

    So I just moved my 2 torts outside to live. I made a pretty decent size area for them in the back yard. But they haven't come out to eat for 3 days now. I tried moving them to the food but they got back into there sleep areas. Last time I kept them outside to clean there inside enclosure they...