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    Waterland Tub - Small Land Enclosure

    Hi I posted a thread the other day asking for help picking out an indoor tortoise enclosure, I got a lot of great advice and found a lot of options thanks to all of you wonderful people. But I came across one product called a Waterland Tub - Small Land Enclosure. Has anyone ever heard of using...
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    Need help picking out an indoor enclosure

    Hi I'm eagerly waiting to purchase my first tortoise(s), the only thing that is stopping me is the fact that I have yet to find the perfect indoor enclosure. I need the enclosure to be minimally 48" x 24" x 8". I found a tortoise table at called Camelot that seems like it...
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    First Time Tortoise Purchase, In Need Of Help

    Hi, my name is Cole. I'm new to Tortoise Forum and I'm about to purchase my first tortoise(s). I live in central Kentucky, and my tortoise(s) will be kept indoors. Here's what I need help with: I've narrowed the species of tortoise I'm getting down to two species, Eastern and Western Hermann's...