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  1. Duckster RT

    Basic care.

    I have had my tort since I was 15. I have been hated on. Criticized for taking him to the vet for routine check- ups, and his oversized bill. ( which he had since day one). Thus his name Duckstser. He has been loved and cared for to the utmost of my ability since I was a teen. He is so healthy...
  2. Duckster RT

    In Memoriam

    Thanks for your contact. Best wishes into the future
  3. Duckster RT

    Comment by 'Duckster RT' in media 'mama cuddles'

    I love ppl that cuddle with their tort’s
  4. Duckster RT

    Comment by 'Duckster RT' in media '3B7075E7-7A29-40A7-88AA-424638210F78.jpeg'

    Yes. I do house calls. When I see someone mistreating a reptile I inform them about proper care. I really dig in. I wish pet stores would stop selling reptiles in the stores. Like a candy bar. They should have to wait. Just anything to help.
  5. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    I will look to see what is near me. Thanks
  6. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up pt. 2

    5 years since last visit to to vet. This time I am really happy to say that a clean bill of health was giving. I will have to wait for the blood work but I don’t think it’s going to be bad news. I might be a little over the top or not. Either way I want to have him for long time.
  7. Duckster RT

    Where is he?

    I have too many pics sort of. I don’t want to litter the forum with my stuff. I’m just getting enjoyment and stuff. Thanks
  8. Duckster RT

    Where is he?

    Oh yeah, always underfoot. Duck’s quarters are quite posh for a tort. He is lucky enough to get the spare room. Fenced off into various sections. Every time I enter, he “jumps” out his favorite hide. Very energetic for his age. Obviously first stop food. Still rather social afterwards. After...
  9. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    I tell the animal shelter vets. You can do it. Picture a small cold blooded cat. Jk.
  10. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    I help at the animal shelter as an electrician and the vets are awesome. But they hesitate on exotics
  11. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    Yes. U r absolutely right. Sometimes I want to see and it takes longer than a month for appointments
  12. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    My Long time BF/Co worker suddenly passed away from something that could be been avoided by a routine checkup. So me and my turtle are routinely getting checked. Maybe I’m just still in shock but idk
  13. Duckster RT

    Check up with the neck up.

    Made appointment for physical. March 1 getting the presidential treatment for staying healthy for another 30 something years. Emoji of ur choice.
  14. Duckster RT

    Carolina Pet Supply Shipping?

    Now that is cool. I like how robust the Tortoise Forum is and how someone actually met them. I like the product overall but I just ordered it, never gave it a thought, one day it came. However I agree with ppl that are not getting the products.
  15. Duckster RT

    Comment by 'Duckster RT' in media '889B9B42-34EA-4964-87F7-B1574C493FFC.jpeg'

    He was wild caught with a huge beak And idk then how to fix it or now. Vets took a few cracks at it too. But… he is so old. Super well cared for.
  16. Duckster RT

    Kenny’s best friend

    Sorry. I’m sad. My buddy. My partner in work. Passed away yesterday. Thanks for letting me tell you all my tortoise stories. Duckster is all I have left and he is a reptile. Thanks
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