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  1. lismar79

    Re-homing 3 toe female Ohio

    Small rehome fee. Looking to Re-home a female 11 year old 3 toe box turtle. Experienced keepers only. I got her when she was 3 & she has never hibernated. Pick up only in Northern Ohio. I will not ship. Healthy with a good appetite. She is shy. Spends all summer outside and winter in. Please...
  2. lismar79

    New outside digs

    Seemed like it took forever but it's just about done. Need to section off a bit for my Russian but it is 36x36 and his barn is 12x16. He has a heated night box inside the barn for night. Hugo is 4 and pushing 45lbs. I want to transplant some hostas, mallow, and chicory in there yet & we are...
  3. lismar79

    the things they pick up....

    Rorie is just about 2 and every flower she sees is always known as "turtle food"
  4. lismar79

    sulcata no poop in five days

    My two yr old sulcata has not pooped in over five days. He normally goes every day or at least every other. He has a huge heated room in my basesement heat has not changed 80 all around, 90 in his hummid box 110 to 105 basking. Big water dish he can get in and out of. And he is still eating. he...
  5. lismar79

    Grow lights? Help....

    I am doing a basement enclosure for my 2 yr old sulcata & want to put a kiddy pool with an african grazer seed mix for him to graze, as well as other plants. I am looking at grow lights to add & I have no idea what I am doing. Found this-...
  6. lismar79

    Sulcatas new room in the basement

    My 2 yr old sulcata, Hugo (was Harper until I seen his manhood :) is about 14 or so lbs & 12-13 inches ( I really need to check what current size & weight are but that gives you an idea ) We are working on the winter home. Are planning a barn in the future but this is it for wintering for the...
  7. lismar79

    it happened.... (It's a boy!)

    it finally happened. Totally was not expecting that today and had a mini panic attack till i realized what i was seeing! I was flashed. My 25 month old sulcata, Harper, is without a doubt male. Name is now Hugo :)
  8. lismar79

    Plant identification page on FB

    There is a plant id site on Face book many of you may find handy.
  9. lismar79

    New outdoor digs

    This is my second summer owning the Torts so I am still revamping homes for my 3 yr old three toed boxie, Crush, Martha, i have no idea how old, the escape artist Russian, And Harper the 2 year old Sulcata. They all come in at night until I get night boxes built. Harper has a Zoo Med...
  10. lismar79

    found in northern ohio- large sulcata

    Back to the. Wild is an organization that takes in injured animals to release back into the wild. Someone brought in a large ( they didn't list weight but guessing 20lb) injured sully. They are located in castalia ohio...
  11. lismar79

    I.d please

    I have tried to find this but no luck. Bright yellow star flower
  12. lismar79

    carpenter ants.....

    Fricken carpenter ants are getting into my house. Can my 3 toe boxie eat them? Its the only good thing to come out of it really.
  13. lismar79

    today sucks and now I have a question

    We have had our dog buddy for about 8 yrs. He was between 4 &6 when we got him. This past winter he started limping and we treated him with arthritus meds, turns out his shoulder started to buldge out and xrays and biopsy tell us he has a large tumor that is an aggresive soft tissue cancer. The...
  14. lismar79

    camper as a out door enclosure?

    Anyone ever tried turning a camper into an outdoor enclosure......????? I have one that's gutted inside and its just sitting here getting ready for the scrap yard.
  15. lismar79


    Anyone keep their torts in a sunroom or florida type room? Pros and cons? I have been thinking about an addition on the back of my house but since I live in ohio I wonder about temp control in such a room....
  16. lismar79

    Life hacks for the tortoise keeper....

    I was reading "life hacks" on FB the other day ( you know, simple ways to use everyday items to improve your life :) & I got to thinking that over the years we have all probably found many common items to make Tortoise/ Turtle keeping easier or even cheaper! Please feel free to share yours, I am...
  17. lismar79

    dubia roaches for a boxie?

    I have a friend who is starting a colony of dubia roaches. Are these good for my three toe and do you have to cut head or smash them because I'm a sissy about that kinda thing.....
  18. lismar79

    map turtle???

    Someone is giving me a map turtle in a few days. I know nothing about them! I plqn to re-home her but in the meantime: What bask temp? What water temp? I got those floating turtle sticks and some freeze dried bugs..... What kind of map is she?
  19. lismar79

    map turtle in northern ohio

    Some one is dropping a map turtle (was told girl) off to me this week. I can not keep her. And I am looking for a good home for her. @Yellow Turtle01 you have first dibs. She will come with a a tank but don't know much about her at this point. I just don't want to delay finding a home soon...
  20. lismar79

    are these bladder stones?????

    My 16 month sulcata lives in her water dish. Spends at least an hr or more in it every day. The last couple of days I have found stone like pieces mixed in with poo in her water. The poo is normal, the stones are not. Are these bladder stones? They have a chaulk like feel and are white when...