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  1. maggie3fan

    Summer in Oregon

    What an idea...this is Oregon...lots of farms...I'll keep you posted
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    That is so funny...Believe me, I lived in the city with a skylight over my bed...and the police helicopter's search light would shine on my face several time a night...
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    Massively fun...

    Don't I know it. They were 3 weeks old and on the bottle...Now they are 5 weeks old. It's nothing like fostering a turtle...these kittens are so much fun and so responsive. The big cats are afraid of the but Simon is surprisingly getting interested in playing with them. He's...
  4. maggie3fan

    Summer in Oregon

    Yep... remember this? I'm thinkin I enjoyed the tire more than she actually does.
  5. maggie3fan

    Massively fun...

    I have been very very busy in the past few weeks. And rather than bore you with my words...I'll show you... Honestly...I am having more fun than one person is entitled to have.
  6. maggie3fan

    To build a house in Stilbaai

    I love your photos...are they off the grid? Your grandparents I mean
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    Summer in Oregon

    I know you've all missed me. It feels like a long time...just a few daze I guess...I have expanded Mary's areas, it has lots of weeds and grasses. So I know some of you have seen this type of photo before...but I swear I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago... She is totally stuck. Her face and...
  8. maggie3fan

    Expert help please

    Oh hell...The skirting in my manufactured home is the kind that weed eaters kill...Mary Knobbins, as quoted by William Lee Kohler...cinder blockMary lives in a 20'x12' heated and insulated tort shed, sometimes she shares, there's a tort table and another space on the floor. You see a solid cedar...
  9. maggie3fan

    Russian Tort in Bad Shape

    I say print out TFO's care sheet for Russians...Then think about about that tort and how hard it is to eat. Don't start rattling off a bunch of facts. Just quietly say the RT is in bad shape...depending on how she takes it...offer to foster him, or you will set him up correctly for them...think...
  10. maggie3fan

    Rat Trap Recommendation: 24/7 Type Trap for Prevention

    I live on the edge of a grass seed field. Almost 17 years now and I have given up...I have skunks, voles, mice, rats, possums, raccoons, foxes, mountain lions, deer and turkey buzzards. I put all my chelonia away every night. I have given up on poison traps, and live traps and no traps, but the...
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    Rehoming male red foot tortoise

    Will you ship? I've been looking for a RF for a while now...
  12. maggie3fan

    Do torts travel well?

    And with all you wrote it made me think of Bob...
  13. maggie3fan

    New sulcata pen

  14. maggie3fan

    His name is Curious.

    I'm thinking he's hungry...Give him some berries, or night crawlers, or slugs, snails, melons, anything that's on that care sheet. There are not that many box turtles around anymore, I am all for breakin laws, but it really is wrong to take them from the wild. they are losing territory, food and...
  15. maggie3fan

    His name is Curious.

    Hey are ya? hurricanes yet? Is that really you? haha
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    Foaming at the mouth

    Sounds like too hot.
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    I think The King and the Queen Consort were just acting like...well...people. I adored Diana. She always looked so bewildered at first. But she actually was just being 'people'. She absolutely knew what she was getting in to. But her choice of men was awful. Having said that I thought the night...
  18. maggie3fan

    Redfoot tortoise lost in backyard

    Just how big is your backyard? Get down on your hands and knees, look at things from the torts view and it looks different. Don't give up. Can he get out of your yard? You've already gotten great advice...good luck and welcome
  19. maggie3fan

    THE Road Widening - A Continuing Saga

    NO!!! You can't kick him out because he's frustrated and scared as his home is all different. Once he's set up RIGHT he'll go back to being Dudley. Just wait until then...What would Mary do if I had given her away every time I wanted to when she caused trouble. Please just wait and set him up...
  20. maggie3fan

    Expert help please

    I have regular skirting...but it's about to be replaced with lattice when they fix the front stairs...and you are correct...skunks don't eat RoS or grape leaves