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  1. kaia

    How big should an indoor enclosure be?

    Hey tortoise fans! I've had my baby Greek spur-thighed tort for several months now. Her enclosure is okay, but I want it to be bigger and better. She seems to keep trying to escape this one, and I want her to be as comfortable as possible. I am going to be ordering a custom built wooden box...
  2. kaia

    DIY Indoor tortoise enclosure elements

    Hey! So I was looking for a thread like this and couldn't find one. Have any of you been using polymer clay for creating terrarium "furniture"? I just made a hide box for my baby greek and here's what is looks like: (the mossy one is the final result) I used a regular cheap plastic bowl, cut an...
  3. kaia

    Welcome to Tortoise Cribs

    So, if anyone remembers Kaia the baby Greek spur-thighed tortsie, I had made a vivarium for her, and it was a beginner's one. (as shown in the photo above) However, I am pleased to say that she has had her crib upgraded. It's bigger, classier and comfier. Voilà The heat and UV lamp are going to...
  4. kaia

    Red Ear Slider help?!

    Here's the thing. I've had my red ear slider for 4 years now, and just recently I discovered that his shell is peeling off. I read that it is a normal thing, but I'm scared because the shell underneath doesn't look healthy. He eats properly (he's got a crazy appetite), he is pretty active...
  5. kaia

    Baby tortoise inactive, help?!

    Hey everyone, so, a few days ago I got a baby Greek tortoise, and I set up a terrarium for her(/him). The problem is, it isn't eating, isn't drinking, and the only thing it does is sleep all day and hide. Is it sick? What do I do? (Note: There are no reptile vets where I come from and no UV...
  6. kaia

    Is this an okay terrarium for starters?

    I just got a baby Greek tortoise, and since it is the first time I'm making a terrarium, here goes nothing. Note: I am going to get a basking lamp, (UV) as soon as I find one. There are none sold in my country and I ordered one online. Any advice? What do you think?
  7. kaia

    New member with a new tort! :)

    Hello everyone! My name's Adriana, I'm from Skopje, Macedonia and a huge tortoise fan. Yesterday (07. May) I was given a baby Greek/Russian tortoise (can't tell them apart, I have much to learn), found upside down on a street. Me being the obsessive tort-addict as I am, I just HAD to keep it...